bleh goes fishing

It had been a while now since bleh and ‘the wife’ hit a dead end, after wallowing in misery for a good two months, eve was determined to introduce her to a few new people, number one on the list had been a young thing named poly, reluctantly she agreed to the meeting, only to come back a few hours later looking depressed.
‘what happened now?’ eve asked holding back laughter,
‘she looks like a man dude, I thought you had my best interests at heart?’
‘you know I do, I thought a change of scenery might do you well,’ they both couldn’t help laughing out loud.
‘baby steps kid, that big a change will lead to a heart attack’.
A week had elapsed and now they sat in eve’s lounge again,
‘there is someone I’d like you to meet,’ eve started tentatively
Bleh gave her the evil eye.
‘come on, she told me she likes you’.
‘do I know her?’ bleh was skeptical.
‘nope, that’s the fun part, she started liking you from your comments on my statuses’.
Bleh raised an eyebrow.
‘what do you have to lose?’
Bleh sighed heavily, ‘nothing I guess, what’s her name?’
They had then gone ahead to chat for a few days online, bleh, usually the sensitive, considerate type, found herself turning nasty, blame it on the fact that she now found women exhausting after her break up but she did not appreciate the persona she exposed towards hina who had shyly told her about the crush she had weirdly developed.
Feeling apologetic, she suggested they meet so she could redeem herself,
It was a hot Friday afternoon that they got together at the mall, bleh had had a hectic night before with the girls and mused about the wisdom of her suggestion the next day.
‘do you smoke?’ hina asked after they were finally seated in the coolness of a bar.
‘no, only when I drink, but you go ahead’.
Hina sipped on a beer,bleh - hungry from the night before had a grilled chicken salad and raspberry juice.

Smiling transformed hina’s rather bony face , the conversation went from alter egos to bleh’s previous bad attitude to beer and bleh’s lack of understanding of the concoction , it ended all too quickly.
They parted a coupla hours later, hina having had to do something and bleh be somewhere.
‘well….’ Eve turned a curious face to bleh later that evening as they caught up on the week’s events over a bottle of beer.
‘well what?’ bleh wasn’t going to make it easy for her.
‘out with it, did you like her, will you see her again, do you think she is pretty, curiosity is killing me’
‘hmmm, not really as pretty as I imagined, she does have a beautiful smile though – literally lights up the room’
‘and…’ eve was on the edge of her seat.
‘and she talks so well, it’s easy to just sit there and simply listen to her go on’ bleh smiled at that memory.
‘very smart too, and has a very powerful presence, it’s hard to put a finger to it, something about her…’
‘ooooh, so then, do tell please, are you seeing her again?’
‘it’s hard to tell, I know I would love to, but I don’t know if she feels the same, we will have to wait and see..,’
‘ok, fair enough, and dating, do you see it going that far?’ eve wasn’t giving up until she had all the answers.
‘I can truthfully say, I haven’t the slightest idea, she isn’t very easy to read, guess we just have to wait and see hey’
Eve was somewhat confused but let it be, bleh could be rather guarded.
She lifted her bottle instead, ‘to fresh beginnings’
Bleh raised hers silently, lost in thought.


men talk

Men talk.
‘tell me ladies, did any of you ever date men or was it clear for everyone at an early age what their sexual preference was?’ angel had her elbows on the table and both cheeks cupped in her palms.
They were all tipsy now and the topics getting more interesting, angel’s friend alex who had been bugging her to introduce him to her lesbian friends was listening intensely, obviously fascinated by the new topic.
‘I think I always liked women but one is always curious about these things, or maybe it’s the conditioning we get very early in life that makes heterosexuality the default mentality for most everyone’, dana said as she stirred her sex on the beach with a straw.
‘ I was 16 and so was he..’ she continued. ‘..the sweetest boy in the class probably, he helped me with my homework a lot and on one occasion he tried to kiss me, I let him cause I wanted to know what the fuss was all about, we later dated for awhile and even attempted sex acoupla times, it was passable if memory serves me right’.
Everyone’s eyes were on dana now and the questions flew, ‘what happened?’ eve managed to get in above everyone else.
‘ he was quite smitten with me hey, like a little puppy, it was ok until this new girl – came along, damn that girl was hot!’
‘did you ever have another manly incident?’ angel asked.
‘I don’t think I ever quite got the chance, the women…’ she paused for emphasis ‘..they only got more fascinating each passing year.’ Everyone laughed at that, dana’s eyes met eve’s across the small round table and they exchanged a discreet smile.
‘ and you baby?’ dana broke the look.
‘oh yeah, I did date a few okes before I dated women, never lasted and never meant much, it always felt kinda mechanical…I could never feel that emotional connection and the sex was always lukewarm.’
‘ so you never liked women till after that?’ angel threw in.
The music was quite terrible at c.ba, a few women danced without much rhythm on the dance floor.
‘my love affair with women started way before I even had the desire to act on them, I recollect having fallen for a number of them over the years, from as young as 8, but I never did much about it, blame it on the religious upbringing and the guilt and fear felt about it’.
‘what about now, any guilt or fear?’ alex put in gently.
‘now… I just feel like there is nothing more true or right, not that it’s easier dating women or anything..- all people are complex beings…’ she sipped at her margheritta thoughtfully.
‘ it is only that I don’t mind the drama or issues that they might bring into the relationship, I think that is what sexual preference is all about, what gender can you tolerate or do you have the need to put up with.

Men Talk

Men Talk


making amends

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Farewells are bade,
I so miss you!...

Eve read the tiny card as she absentmindedly stirred her coffee.
Dana had left awhile back but not before making her breakfast - scrambled eggs,lightly done as she loved them,a slice of whole wheat bread and afew slices of french polony.
laying back against the puffed up pillow and she ate in thought.

She felt alittle tag at her heart,and yet now she thought of nto constantly,she couldn't figure out why,perhaps she was shielding herself from getting hurt again.

Dana constantly told her she loved her,simply,subtly,expecting nothing and getting no i love yous back.
Somehow eve couldn't get it out,the words stuck in her head and throat,unable to come out,although she couldn't deny she loved her,alot more now than even before,and that too was scary.


pandora's box ajar.

Nto left the next morning,the night before hadn't been discussed at all.

As she got ready,they talked about the mandane,made coffee,made breakfast,eve whipped up scrambled eggs and they had it with slightly burnt toast,later,they took off nto's t-shirt and then her jeans and made love on the one sofa in the room.
Tasting the breakfast on eachother's lips,and then tasting cunt and later,the two tastes merging.

They had to make an effort not to do it all day.
Eve drove Nto back to her place,the old reliable beetle spurting fumes in the easy sunday traffic.

Much Later after eve had cleaned up and rid the flat of any evidence of the night before,dana came over,if she noticed eve's pensive mood,not much was let on.

Eve didn't know how it was all going to pun out,but for the mean time,she wasn't going to rock any boats.
she was prepared to wait this one out.


A day in a lesbian's life: Guilty rendez-vous

A day in a lesbian's life: Guilty rendez-vous: "They met at a bar in ghandi square,eve suggested it,although she could never remember what it was called for the life of her. They sat at a ..."

Guilty rendez-vous

They met at a bar in ghandi square,eve suggested it,although she could never remember what it was called for the life of her.
They sat at a wooden bench,eve sipped on a gin and tonic and nto had a heineken,there was smoke from the braai afew feet away but it mostly blew in the opposite direction from them-driven by the wind,house music played loudly from the numerous speakers.
They talked.
First shy,eyes not meeting,smiles uncertain,slight.
Later-much bolder..from religion and mind control,they moved to milk shakes and ice cream flavours,and then love,that they both felt for their partners.
Two hours were over too soon,they both still nursed their drinks,it was five in the evening.
Eve had declined dana's request to spend the saturday afternoon together,siting exhaustion as her excuse.

Later as they sat In eve's 1974 vw beetle,nto expressed how cool it was,she'd always wanted one of them.
Eve said it was her pride and joy.
For the rest of the drive back to eve's,they didn't talk much,she drummed her fingers against the steering every time they stopped at a traffic light,nto looked outside,taking such an interest in the buildings flying by.

When they got to eve's,she politely asked if nto wanted anything to drink or eat,nto simply walked over to her,pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply,in seconds,clothes were flying off their bodies every which way.
They made love,for most of the evening and later into the night.
None brought up the subject of their respective partners,somethings were better left unsaid.


A day in a lesbian's life: Awakened demons

A day in a lesbian's life: Awakened demons: "For eve the dynamics of their relationships had changed irrevocably. She could not give as freely as before and found herself pushing the bi..."

Awakened demons

For eve the dynamics of their relationships had changed irrevocably. She could not give as freely as before and found herself pushing the bile of resentment down,forcefully willing it away without much success.
She had presumed them to be on the same footing and been proved wrong and was very wary now.

Nto had made a reappearance,she felt inclined to insure her heart and feelings somewhat.
The chats they had shared in the wine stained nights had kept her sane after dana left and now they continued to chat as frequently.

Nto had a girlfriend too but theirs was a very complicated affair,the complexities of their respective relationships found these two now strongly drawn to eachother.

The suggestion to meet had been nto's.
Thrown into an afternoon chat impulsively,it left them both tingly with excitement.
much as neither hinted at it,they both knew that there was much more that lay in store that nothing could stop from happening.

The meeting was scheduled for saturday,that friday night neither caught a wink.
Eve was surprised at how little remorse she experienced at the beckoning adventure,on the contrary,she found it brought her such pleasure.


A day in a lesbian's life: bitter sweet

A day in a lesbian's life: bitter sweet: "'It's open' eve shouted from the bathroom at dana's insistent knocking. 'in here...'when she heard dana's footsteps in the mini kitchen, 'lo..."

bitter sweet

'It's open' eve shouted from the bathroom at dana's insistent knocking.
'in here...'when she heard dana's footsteps in the mini kitchen, 'lock the
door after you yea?'
'ok..'dana said, only loud enough for no one in particular.
she pushed the door open and leaned her head against the frame.
Eve lay in the tab with a bottle of wine,the candle light bathed her in a golden haze.dana's breathe caught, how beautiful eve looked in that instant.

Mozart's flute concerto played insistently on the stereo by the sink,eve had chosen it for dramatic effect.

She took a swig on the bottle and silently watched dana,feeling the excitement start to build in her vagina.
Dana slowly took her clothes off,no words were necessary at this point.
She slide into the bath tab after,away from eve and they simply looked at eachother.
Gently they began to touch,wispy light touches,dana got on her knees and taking the soap rubbed it onto eve's breasts,down to her stomach and onto her thighs.
Eve gazed up at her,thinking nothing,she just decided to feel and breath so softly.
They kissed,so gently,both nervous and shaky until it intensified and they practically ate at eachother's lips,moaning as if in pain.
When their fingers alternately found each others now very wet and warm vaginas,it only took alittle while before both cuming loudly,they collapsed into eachother's arms.

'Am sorry..'dana said,tears in her voice.
'i know..'
The concerto came to a delicate finish.


hopeful rays

Eve saw dana's incoming call as she slowly pushed the trolley through the store,she was in the mood for a nice steak,some salad and a huge bottle of wine to wash it all down and keep running even when her throat was clean.
She had a nice calm evening planned,soft music,some candles,soak in the bath for awhile and later eat,she hoped angel wasn't going to show,she needed some alone time.

She thought of not answering,thinking that she didn't need anything spoiling her mood.

The call ended and she soon recieved a message from the service provider telling her she had missed a call from baby and baby wd like her to call her back..she laughed a dry angry laugh,she missed more than just a call from baby and no,she wdn't call her back.
She picked a big bottle of four cousins,sweet rose and got some chocolate too.

The phone rang again,she let it ring for a while before pressing answer,she only put it against her ear and didn't say a word.

'hey..' dana's voice was thin.
'hey..' eve said clearing her throat.
'can i see you?' she said softly.
..tonight..' she continued uncertainly.
'i don't think tonight is a good idea' eve said firmly.
Eve felt her heart ache at the misery in dana's voice.
she breathed deeply,'what time?'
'8:30-ish,if that's ok..'
'thank you'
Eve dropped the line,wondering what was up next.


taking the blame

’what do I do wrong?’ eve typed rapidly.
‘I don’t want to read that kinda talk’, bleh threw back.
‘it must be me, it can’t be everyone else…’ she stuck in her self pity.
‘you just haven’t met the right one’, bleh tried to be patient with her.
‘I wanted dana to be the right one’, she wrote pouting, knowing she was being childish
‘lol, you can’t force these things love, it either is or it isn’t’, bleh had to shake her head, eve could be so sturborn.
‘well am tired of always falling for the wrong ones, ok!, I want a fairytale ending before am too old to enjoy it’, she shifted angrily onto her side, the tv droned on.
‘relax, the experience will come in handy when you finally meet the right one-you’ll know’ bleh could understand eve’s frustration, she had been there too many times before she met wifey, constant dead ends had almost led her to a playgirl lifestyle until wifey came in like a beam of light and rescued her, she knew eve would meet someone right too but these things took time.
‘so what happened this time?’
Eve took a deep breath and shifted onto her other side on the couch.
‘I’d most definitely tell you if I knew!’.
‘what is that supposed to mean?’
‘it means I don’t know, I thought we were doing ok, apparently that wasn’t the case..’
‘so you two are over?’ bleh was confused.
‘ it so happens that I don’t know the answer to that one either!’, eve felt so much resentment towards dana for complicating her life this way.
‘trust you to get yourself into a rut like that…’bleh couldn’t help but tease.
‘eish, I don’t know how I do it friend, but am damn good at it’, they both chuckled at that, trying to lighten the conversation


A day in a lesbian's life: Boiling over

A day in a lesbian's life: Boiling over

Boiling over

Eve lay alone in bed for the third night that week, dana had finally come out with it.

'you ok?' eve had asked as taz was busy cracking them up with tales of an impossible client at work.
Everyone had seemed to enjoy themselves except her,

'am ok..,just alittle tired', she replied as eve gently rubbed her back, lu threw them a puzzled look and quickly looked away.
'i got some massage oils the other day,perhaps later...',she left the sentence hanging and smiled.
'i would love that..' dana smiled back softly and eve felt her heart falter.

it had been that later when as eve sat astride dana's back,engrossed in giving pleasure and releasing tension that dana give a very long sigh and popped the bubble.
'i need some space..' it was so soft that she'd had to repeat it.
Eve had gotten so wet rubbing her back, looking forward to some soft love making but she got off her without a word and sat hugging her knees.
'am i crowding you?' she said after along silence.
' as cliche as it sounds eve,it's not you..'
she reached out to touch her hand and eve drew away.
'call me when you are ready to do this'.


A day in a lesbian's life: losing grip

A day in a lesbian's life: losing grip

losing grip

‘are you coming over today?’ eve said through the phone, she held it between her cheek and shoulder she tidied up her desk and got ready to knock off.
There was a long pause at the other end which was followed by a heavy sigh.
‘I don’t think I can make it tonight’, dana said with little regret evident in her voice.
‘can I ask why?’, eve didn’t want to seem clingy but she knew she’d hate herself if she didn’t ask.
‘ummmm’, she said uncertainly,’I just want to spend some time on my own, that’s all…’
Eve felt her throat constrict, something was going terribly wrong, dana had been strange lately, the weight of the impending doom hang heavily upon them both.
For the life of her, eve could not think back to when it had began, it was like one moment they were smiling and the next a gigantic dark cloud crept up unnoticed.
She could see the change in dana’s eyes, hear it in her voice.
She felt alittle resentment building up, why did dana have to go and fuck up a good thing that way.
‘ok…let me know when you want to hook up then’ she said, feigning nonchalance.
‘ok…’ is all dana said before the life crackled out of the line.
Eve laid her phone down thoughtfully, sometimes one could feel when the beginning of the end was upon them, she shook the thought away, telling herself to relax and not think too much.


A day in a lesbian's life: first i love you's

A day in a lesbian's life: first i love you's

first i love you's

‘I love you’, eve said matter-of-factly , they stood side by side doing dishes at the sink.
Dana dried as eve washed.
‘I love you’, she repeated when dana only looked at her dumbfounded, she did not turn to look at her.
‘funny how one never notices when it begins, when the slight ache in one’s chest commences..kinda like a sickness- only a nice one’ eve continued softly as dana stood their quietly as if transfixed.
‘ I love it when you laugh or just smile- how your eyes light up when you are excited or when they glaze with passion…’
‘I just thought I should tell you’, she finished her narrative and handed her partner a dripping plate.
‘dana ignored and instead said grinning,’ can you say that again?’
‘say what again?’ eve was puzzled, thinking which part might not have been coherent.
‘everything..it sounded so beautiful, I want to hear all of it again’.
Eve scratched her head comically, ‘I wouldn’t know where to begin, I was mostly just mumbling foolishly’.
‘please..’ dana begged, maneuvering her way into eve’s front, she then wrapped her arms around her neck.
‘ummmm, let me see..i love you…I don’t think I can remember the rest’. She teased
‘don’t sweat it, that was my favorite part’, dana said kissing her forehead.
‘you are easy to please’ eve pulled her close.
‘I think it’s your fault, you are too cute’.
The dishes were forgotten.


A day in a lesbian's life: THE FIRST FIGHT :D

A day in a lesbian's life: THE FIRST FIGHT :D


‘why do I have to pick up after you?’, eve asked in an irritated voice holding a coffee mug dana had used and left next to the chair she’d been sitting on.

‘I was going to get that’, eve looked tired and dana didn’t want to sweat it.

‘no you were not, you never do’, she said as she dumped it in the sink alongside the other dirty dishes, dana had spent the day off at eve’s flat having spent the night there.

‘I know you are tired but don’t take it out on me’, dana’s voice was soft-eve just ignored her and started doing the dishes.

‘I was going to do those’, dana continued and got up.

‘when? At the second coming?’ eve oozed sarcasm.

‘if I want anything done around here, I guess I have to do it myself!’.

‘fine, am sorry then I shd have cleaned up but I was just exhausted and wanted to rest’.

‘yea, sure’ eve mumbled. It had been a rough day at work but she knew she was over reacting.

She stole a look at dana and found her brows knotted in confusion.

‘I’ll cook then, I was just waiting for you to get here so we could decide together what to eat’.

‘just leave it, I’ll take care of it when am done here, just sit and RELAX’. the dishes were making such a clatter as she roughly handled them.

‘eve…just let me do it if it’s such a big deal’.

‘fuck!’, eve swore as a mug broke.

The sound was so harsh in the silence that had taken over that dana jumped.

Finding eve’s behavior very unreasonable now dana slowly got her things together and prepared to go back to her place so she cd give her time to cool down.

When She was at the door and turned the handle eve suddenly stopped with the vigorous punishment she was imposing on the dishes and looked up.

‘don’t go..’ she said softly, ‘am sorry’.


the birds and the birds II

‘which one do you prefer, me using a toy on you or you using it on me? ’dana asked eve as she absentmindedly got into her pyjamas.

They were still psyching up for the trip to the adult shop.

‘I think I rather use it on you’, eve said her brows knotted in thought

‘but to be fair, I suppose it has to be 50-50, you?’.

‘yea, I feel the same way,’ dana was done and sitting on the edge of the bed now.

Eve quickly typed lesbian sex toys into the lappy and dana crouched closer.

‘which one do you think we should get?’ she asked when the page opened, ‘damn so many to choose from!’

‘how about this g-spot vibrator, kinda shaped like a tap?’ eve said giggling, ‘think we could reach interesting places with this?’

‘how about these tongue and finger vibrators, you have such tiny hands-we could use one of these,’ eve said laughing and dana grabbed a pillow and aimed for her playfully, my hands are very adequate, thanks a lot! Plus they are way longer than yours’.

‘you wish, the tongue thing might come in handy too, my jaw is in danger of cracking’.

‘watch it!’ dana threatened ‘or you won’t be getting any ever’.

‘oooooh, look at this bondage kit’, eve continued.

‘wana add alittle kink to our kinky?’

‘all this sex talk is getting me worked up’, dana said, reaching to get the laptop from eve’s hands.

‘just a minute babes, look at this’.

‘what is that?’, dana asked, looking closely.

‘it says here anal toys’, eve answered.

‘looks like a string of beads to me, wonder how that works’.

‘beats me, ever tried anal sex?’, eve teased.

Dana wrinkled her nose, ‘ewww, baby that’s disgusting!’

‘it actually isn’t’, eve said softly.

‘you tried it???’dana’s tone was disbelieving.

Eve just giggled and logged off.

‘come on, tell me’ ,dana insisted.

’how about I show you?’ eve dead panned.

‘oh hell no, that part is entirely out of bounds!’

‘you don’t know what you are missing’, eve shrugged.

‘and I definitely won’t find out any time soon’, dana said indignantly, getting into bed.

‘come on now, live alittle’, eve tried as she put the laptop away and went to switch the light off.

‘huh-uh’, dana was unconvinced as she reached for her partner.


A day in a lesbian's life: the birds and the birds ;)

A day in a lesbian's life: the birds and the birds ;)

the birds and the birds ;)

how do you feel about sex toys?’

It was a Monday night, lu and her girlfriend taz were over at dana’s place.

The girls were bundled on the worn out couch as eve sat on a cushion between dana’s legs.

They were all watching the 5th season of the l word that lu having ordered from look and listen a week back was now proudly in possession of.

They’d decided to make a night of it since Mondays were ever so dull.

Eve had made popcorn, which she let everyone know was as good as or even better than machine made.

Lu and taz had brought over upsized milkshakes, chocolate for both dana and eve and strawberry for them.

Eve popped a handful of popcorn in her mouth and sucked on her milkshake ,’mmmmh, salt and sugar go so well together, and the taste of chocolate on the popcorn is too awesome’

‘taz, I believe sex toys should be used’, dana finally got in.

‘I think they are gross, feels like there is a man in my bed’, lu said, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

‘it doesn’t have to be, I think it’s more about understanding your anatomy and what works best for it. the way I see it, it’s more like having your cake and eating it too, like why limit yourself when you can have so much more?’

‘yea, baby we need to go shopping soon ,’dana said, ruffling eve’s locks

‘they don’t have to be penis shaped lu,’ eve added ‘ I believe there are all shapes and sizes, designed to give pleasure rather than imitate straight love making, you just choose what works best for you’.

‘you seem very well educated on the subject eve,’ taz said and they all giggled.

Eve threw popcorn at her ‘, I just like to do my home work well ‘,eve said in her defense.

‘Can we tag along when y’all go shopping?’ lu asked, still giggling.

‘uh-huh, our sex life is private, you’ll have to brave the adult shops alone’, dana said and eve kissed her knee.

‘tell them my love’.

Live At The Troubadour [CD / DVD Combo]


A day in a lesbian's life: goofing around

A day in a lesbian's life: goofing around

goofing around

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite, 3G Works Globally - Latest Generation‘So how long have you two been together?’ eve asked dana’s friend lu who was there with her girlfriend-they seemed joined at the hip.

‘about two years now, very long for a lesbian relationship yea?’ they both laughed at that and eve turned the meat, they were having a braai with a couple of friends-eve’s house mate-angel and her boyfriend, angel’s friend and his boyfriend and dana’s friend(who was also her ex) and her girlfriend, as always eve took care of the braaing, which she absolutely loved to do.

angel’s boyfriend-james, who was in ear shoot asked what they meant by ,”very long for a lesbian relationship”, and the two women laughed harder.

They were all at the pool side and dana was doing flips in the water with lu’s girlfriend while calling out for eve to leave the meat to the men and join her.

‘come now guys, what do you mean?’, james insisted.

‘lesbian relationships don’t seem to go easily past the one year mark james,’ eve explained poking at a puffed wors.

James looked very surprised’, but id assume that with two women together, commitment wouldn’t be an issue-I mean, they are always bullying it out of us men’

‘that assumption would be very ill advised,’ eve stopped turning the meat long enough to answer’ ‘ contrary to popular belief, women are not commitment freaks, well not the lesbian ones anyway, if our relationships are to be considered’.

‘you guys have to be kidding me,’ james said, looking even more confused.

Eve just handed him the fork she was using to turn the meat and intending to show off a little, did a perfect dive into the pool’s deep end, only causing bubbles to form in her wake, swimming under, she grabbed dana’s legs-unsteadying her and causing her to shriek and hold on to her head for dear life.

They stumbled about, laughing, shrieking and spraying water everywhere.

Lu’s girlfriend later joined them all with a ball and they threw it around, forming teams of two,every now and then, one of them filled their glasses with the cheap red wine and passed around more beers for those that inclined.

When they all later gathered around to eat the meat, dana-who was by now quite tipsy as was most everyone else-kept licking the juice off eve’s fingers seductively and causing the guys to ogle, james brought up the topic once again.

‘so how can you guys tell me lesbian relationships don’t last forever?’ at that, angel dug her elbow into his ribs and told him not to be rude or she wouldn’t let him out of his cage again.

She got laughs from everyone.

‘ouch!, what?, am just interested, I know am going to sound dumb but isn’t that why women become lesbian-Cause guys won’t commit?’

‘I suppose it has something to do with all the challenges we face from society and that typa thing’ lu said seriously

‘it’s for the sex’, dana joked, now licking eve’s jaw.

Everyone oohed and aahhed leaving james none the wiser.

‘I think it’s cause women are simply too hot to resist, too much temptation-personally, I just want one to sleep with every night for a long long time’, eve finally took james out of his misery, earning herself brownie points from dana, who now kissed her very long and deep getting cheers from everyone.
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A day in a lesbian's life: TAKING IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL

A day in a lesbian's life: TAKING IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL


The man looked at the two women infront of him over his spectacles, he had a very studious face, deep set blue eyes behind the thick rimmed glasses, he adjusted them for the third time since they’d been in and asked very carefully if they wanted to do the test together or one after the other.

They exchanged glances and chose the latter.

‘Since we are doing this at a pharmacy, there won’t be a very long winded counseling, if either of you feels that there perhaps is need for concern as regards to the end result, I advise that you rather do it at a clinic where a nurse or doctor can give you more counseling’, at that he looked from one to the other, seeming to have recited those very words countless times before.

‘no, we are ok with this option, thank you’, dana spoke for the two of them, they had discussed it at home and had had a little counseling session of their own led by eve.

They both felt ready for any results.

‘ok’, he said, getting up from behind the counter , ‘right this way please’, and lead the way into a little make shift room separated from the rest of the pharmacy by light blue curtains.

‘Who is first?’, he asked tonelessly, snapping on a pair of disposable latex gloves,’ the other can wait outside by the bench’ eve silently left the little room.

‘when was the last time you went for an hiv test?’, eve had asked dana as they lay spooning in bed the night before.

‘I think it’s been about four months now, you?’

‘I last went a few months back too…wanna go test together?’ she asked as moving dana’s locks she kissed her nape softly.

Dana then turned around and they lay facing each other, she reached out her hand and palmed eve’s cheek ‘id love that…a lot’.

‘I can’t wait to go all the way with you, make love without holding back, feel your pussy against mine’ eve said shyly.

‘Me too, am glad we have been very cautious so far though… did I ever tell you how extremely hot I think you are?’ dana asked teasingly

‘ummm, a coupla times, but I don’t mind hearing you say it again’, eve said biting her lower lip invitingly.

‘you are hot’ dana said and kissed her nose, ‘you are so hot’, she said again, kissing her left eyebrow, ‘you are so hot you are scorching’, the last words were muffled as she found eve’s lips.

Dana now sat on the bench outside the blue curtained makeshift room and looked at the little red line on the tester, one single line meant negative- she turned it this way and that way, caressing the edges gently, the little red line looking so appealingly lonesome.

How positive a negative result felt, she thought

Eve was inside having her test done.

Eve walked out a while later and they exchanged a look that said that everything was alright, they stepped into each other’s arms and held on so tightly, feeling the overwhelming relief that always comes with the knowledge that one is free of the virus, like being given a second chance.


A day in a lesbian's life: a new beginning

A day in a lesbian's life: a new beginning

A day in a lesbian's life: a new beginning

A day in a lesbian's life: a new beginning

a new beginning

‘When did you first realise you liked girls?’ Dana lazily played with eve’s locks, raking her fingers through them and gently untangling the tangled growth, her face was soft and serene as she gazed lovingly at her girlfriend.

Eve lay her head on dana’s lap as her one leg dangled on the floor and the other hang up on the couch, her housemate had gone off with her friends and left the two lovebirds some space.

‘hmmm, let me see.., does playing house with my friend at 6 count?, because boy did we get down to a hell of a lot of mischief’, they both chuckled.

‘you did that too?, gosh, how very naughty we got- I remember this one time me and my cousin sat giggling on the living room sofa as my mom busied herself in the kitchen, I can’t remember who initiated the whole thing, must have been my cousin, she is still the naughtier one even now, but soon she was on top of me as we rubbed against each other..’

‘oh my god, with your mom in the kitchen?, you two had no shame, weren’t you scared of getting caught?’ eve interrupted dana’s tale disbelievingly.

‘argg, you know how kids are, we were probably not thinking any further than the pleasure or adventure of the rub, oh and I think we had a throw around us but all the same, am sure one could easily tell what we were up to if they’d walked in on us, and my mom did, you can imagine the spanking we got’, both women were now laughing so hard.

‘my cousin did not come to my place as often after that, nor me to hers,’ dana finished her story to find eve watching her,

‘what?’, she said self consciously

‘you laugh so wonderfully, the sound is quite intense’, eve said, caressing dana’s cheek.

‘that’s such cheese, but I love cheese, cheese is good’, dana tried to make light of it but eve wasn’t having any of it.

‘it’s only true, it’s beautiful when you laugh’, she reached up and kissed the corner of dana’s mouth lightly.

Just then fire is low by freshly ground started to play and eve jumped up,’ I love this song’, she proclaimed.

‘ohk’, dana replied cautiously.

Eve laughed out loud at dana’s expression, ‘you are going to dance with me’, and dana started to shake her head,

‘but how do we dance to that?’, she tried

Eve took hold of her hand and pulled her up, she led dana’s arms around her waist and put her own around her partner’s neck.

‘just follow my lead,’ she said softly as she nibbled on dana’s ear.

Dana squealed but started to move unsurely to eve’s lead, they rubbed their noses lightly against each other,

‘you have a cold nose,’ dana said against eve’s lips and then kissed her.

‘I think I was about 16,crushed on this friend of mine in a major way, didn’t do much about it though, I guess I was way too chicken to tell her’, eve’s forehead rested on dana, they moved slowly to the music, now stutter by the parlortones played.

‘I love this song’, dana said smiling,’ I think it is my favorite by them’.

They playfully did a twirl, eve swirling dana around the room as they laughed.

‘I think I was at versity, yea yea, I was one of those really late bloomers’, dana said rolling her eyes when they once again stood moving calmly.

‘she was one of those popular girls, tom leaning mostly towards butch, always with her ‘boys’, dang I had it bad for that girl, she was so fine and for a whole semester she didn’t even notice I existed!!’, dana paused to kiss eve’s jaw lightly, smiling into her face.

‘then one day at the library, we both reached for the same book and got chatting, the rest as the say is history, it was like something out of a soppy romance- so intense, for me anyway,’

‘ so what happened?, what prevented a happily ever after?’ eve asked with excitement.

‘oh, she had a girlfriend, I later found out, guess I should have known, she was way too cool- broke my heart in so many pieces after three perfect months’

‘ahh, you poor thing, come here’, eve enveloped her in a huge hug ,rubbing her back in slow motion, up and down. Dana simply late herself be held, much as she had been over the whole thing way back then, it felt good getting eve’s sympathy.


A day in a lesbian's life: moving on 3

A day in a lesbian's life: moving on 3

moving on 3

They had both just ignored the kiss after that, dana fearing any further rejection and eve just stalling, she knew she was ready but didn’t know what was holding her back.

Dana was a beautiful girl, if she didn’t snap out of it soon, she wasn’t going to stay around drooling after her much longer, this eve understood and wouldn’t blame her either but still she stalled.

It was dana who took the matters in her own hands once more and invited eve over for dinner, she made a smoked mussel salad and eve brought a light rose to wash it all down.

Dana had gone all out, candles adorned the little room she sat, slept and ate in, a sprinkling of pink roses lay in a small glass bowl filled with water on the worn out table.

They sat on the floor, the salad was delicious.

‘ using raw spinach was daring but this is really good’, eve said between mouthfuls.

‘I love raw spinach, I stumbled upon my like for it one day when I was too lazy to cook, since then, I haven’t looked back’

‘eureka!’ a smiling eve said, raising her glass.

‘and thus is how most great discoveries are made’.

‘perhaps you will become famous and very rich?’ eve chided.

‘ and I will owe it all to the love of raw spinach’, dana smiled softly.

The evening was a dream.

‘is it not healthier to cook it though?’

‘either way, it is good, there are benefits to eating it raw or cooking it, whichever rocks your boat I suppose’,

‘is spinach your best friend aswell? You seem to know quite a lot about her?’ eve couldn’t help teasing and they both laughed.

‘you never answered my question’ dana changed the topic suddenly, looking serious.

‘and what question could that have been?’ eve already knew.

Dana simply raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

Eve still played dumb, they cleared the dishes awhile later and settled on the one couch in the room.

‘you cold?’, dana asked as she spread the orange wrap on their legs

‘just a little bit’, the atmosphere had gotten very static all of a sudden.

‘we broke up some time back- it was over almost before it began, and no, I don’t really want to talk about it’. Dana’s face looking into eve’s was unreadable.

Eve reached over and very softly ran her thumb along dana’s jaw, tracing her lips as she went, which dana then opened and very gently sucked it in, her lips moved in slow motion, their look not for a second breaking.


A day in a lesbian's life: moving on 2

A day in a lesbian's life: moving on 2

moving on 2

They both changed into their skates quietly, eve had dragged a protesting dana to the rink, her cries of being unable to skate falling on unheeding ears.

‘There is a first time for everything’, eve had told her sternly, ‘you can’t forever live in fear and caution’.

‘ I still think this isn’t a good idea’, dana put out her last attempt at trying to get out of the dangerous predicament that lay ahead.

‘we will have a good time, now will you relax already?’ eve was having none of it.

‘ok, ok but if I break any bones you are entirely to blame’

‘the only thing that will be broken is your virginity- on the ice that is cause I know you are definitely no virgin’ eve dodged the playful punch that dana threw at her for that, they both laughed.

‘trust me, you will enjoy it.. now relax, ok?’, eve now seriously said to dana, when their eyes met

‘ok’, unable to hold the look, dana busied herself with buckling up her skates.

Eve still hadn’t told dana about her break up with A, she felt the time wasn’t right yet but perhaps today she would, dana looked beautiful as always, in a light grey sweatshirt that clang easily to her very subtle curves, navy blue skinny pants now tucked in her skates hugged her cute ass so tightly.

‘are you done?’ dana interrupted eve’s appraisal laughingly, eve blushed and raked her fingers through her locks.

‘ how is A, all good?’ dana tried to make the question as light as she could.

‘want to go in now?’ eve dodged it by asking.

Seconds later, Dana was fighting to stay on her feet as eve fought to control her giggles.

Eve finally gathered her unstable limbs and they leaned on the wall, dana feeling very flustered and off balance.

Eve showed her a trick with her skates that would help her stay on her feet and they started again, much slower now, dana holding on to eve and the wall for dear life, a litany of how she couldn’t do it and eve insisting that she most certainly could.

They were thus engaged and never knew where the kid appeared, flying on his blades at the speed of lightening, next moment they and several other people were entangled in the fall he created, eve finding herself firmly placed on dana’s front section, trapping her underneath.

Next she knew, dana had her arms around her neck, pulling her face closer and closer to her own, their very cold lips met and warmed up in seconds, they were oblivious to the stares all around and the cheers, teenage boys sniggered and catcalled, others whistling mischieviously.

Moms protectively shielded the young ones’ eyes but their own were firmly rooted to the two women on the floor.


A day in a lesbian's life: misunderstood

A day in a lesbian's life: misunderstood


Eve’s sister aya invited her for dinner Friday night, hinting on the fact that she had a few friends over for her to meet, eve knew from past experience that when aya used that tone of voice, she in most cases was trying to hook her up with one of her numerous male friends that were always dying to date her, aya usually didn’t need much convincing for an introduction to her gorgeous sister from any of them.

Eve hadn’t come out to her family about her sexual orientation but as she always argued-neither had they to her about theirs, so she did not feel any urge to broadcast hers to the world either.

It was very obvious to anyone wanting to be informed that eve’s sexual preference did not lean in any way towards the opposite sex having not dated a man since way back in her very early twenties, and having been a very late bloomer, that meant that she had started dating in her early twenties, tried out men seeing as that seemed to work for most women and was the norm, found that she was definitely not like most women and switched sides- but when it came to her preference, her family was very much not willing to be informed, for them, eve’s very liberal mind-set was a cause for worry and in most cases deep disapproval and embarrassement .

Come Friday night, eve found herself ringing her sister’s doorbell at exactly ten minutes past eight.

The party had already began as she soon discovered when her sister let her in and promptly introduced her to her friend zen who then made it his duty to see to it that she was attended to for every second of the evening.

Zen was a businessman, very well established, his truck for hire enterprise was growing at the rate of a bush fire or so he let on to eve in a not so subtle way , eve wondered where aya found these illegible bachelors she constantly threw at her, she seemed to always have one larking about at every dinner.

Half way through the meal and eve was beginning to regret why she had come, she really needed to tell aya to stop, she stifled another yawn as zen went on about his hobbies In great detail, eve tried not to scream, like who used the word hobby anymore? And why did this man think she cared what his were?

She prepared herself for a very long and extremely dull evening.


A day in a lesbian's life: After the night.

A day in a lesbian's life: After the night.

moving on

They met at the open closet party in Melville, dana looked so stunning, eve checked her out again from the corner of her eye, taking in her shabby afro, long legs in tights and cleavage all in one swift look, she looks good, she thought to herself and smiled, she looked up to find another chic checking her out too, butch, pants up to her ass and chains all over the place, dana felt it and met the chic's look, smiling shyly.

‘what are you going to drink?’ she shouted above the roar of the music, dana seemed not to have heard so she beckoned for her to come closer, in the confusion, their lips met and brushed creating a weird electrified moment, ‘a heineken’ ,dana said into eve’s ear later, her lips brushing it softly

Dana had invited eve to the party, very convincing when eve did not seem keen, they hadn’t had time to hang out since the day at pavarotti’s.
‘what have you been up to?’, eve asked dana when they finally found a quiet corner of the room where they could hear each other talk.
‘work mainly’, dana said, swigging on her beer out of the bottle, eve twirled her gin and tonic around the glass, watching the light play against the liquid.

‘paradise?’, dana raised an eyebrow as she enquired about eve’s love life.
Eve indicated with her hand that it was so-so, dana didn’t push it.
‘want to dance?’, eve said into the silence that ensued and dana nodded, they made it through the tightly packed crowd to the dance floor, which was as tightly packed, this made easy movement very difficult and they constantly bumped against each other, eve finally excused herself and went outside to get some air, she was still feeling a little raw after A.

A guy standing outside asked her if she was a lesbian too as it seemed all the women inside were, she answered affirmatively and he asked how she could be, being so pretty, going ahead to ask her for a threesome with her girlfriend, when she didn’t say anything, he asked if he could at least kiss her, she took the rest of her drink in one long throw and ignoring him went back inside, knowing if she replied, she would get rude.

‘you ok?’, dana asked concerned.
‘couldn’t be better’, eve smiled reassuringly.
She decided to have a good time for the rest of the night.


After the night.

Eve was surprised to find A breaking up with her didn't leave her as sad as she initially thought it would,perhaps she had sub-consciously known it wasn't going to last,she found herself somewhat glad that it was over.

On reaching home,she had ran herself a hot bath with a dash of vanilla flavoured oils,some salts,lit a few candles and continued to relax herself with some wine.
Later her housemate - Angel,had brought home more alcohol and weed,and over great conversation with her house mate's two other friends,they had gone on to knock themselves out.Throwing the complex into a riot as they sang,laughed and got high late into the night.
A few other friends had come over too,courtesy of Angel,who couldn't be trusted with a secret,especially that of a house party-even one which hadn't begun yet.
She remembered telling stories of lesbian sex and if it is any better than straight sex to a very rapt audience,Angel and her friends being as straight as rulers found the whole concept unimaginable, she remembered kissing several people aswell over spin the bottle,giggling endlessly and having more fun than she had in a very long time.

She suspected after she got time to digest everything,she would feel sad eventually,A had been a hot girl afterall,they had had some great moments,and ofcourse the sex had been mind blowing,but eve wasn't one to get stuck in the past,life did go on and hers had definitely not ended yet.


That night

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Eve knocked tentatively at A's door and stepped away. She had come straight from work without calling first and hoped A was home. She impatiently tapped a pump on the tile and looked into the distance after another knock. Far off a crane lifted something off the ground and a car hooted loudly. Finally she heard the sound of footsteps coming towards the door and her heart beat doubled. She suddenly missed A so much and couldn't wait to see her gorgeous smile again,what a fool she had been.
'hey' A stood there,looking so soft and beautiful.
'hey', eve held out a box of guylian belgians,may i come in?'.
A left the door open and walked back inside,'thanx for the chocolates',she said over her shoulder.
'cool'.Eve placed her bag on the chair and joined A in the kitchenette.
'want something to drink?',A asked,busying herself with the kettle at the sink,she filled it and plugged it in.
'no thanx',eve said rubbing her hands nervously along her jeans,
'am sorry', her voice was almost a whisper.
A turned around and they stood there looking at eachother.
'my behaviour was maniacal and am sorry'.eve finished more loudly and ran her fingers roughly through her hair.
The silence from A dragged on and eve started to feel alittle nervous,a cold chill snaking it's way down her back.
'am sorry too..' A finally spoke, 'i can not do this eve,not even for you'.
'what are you saying?' eve's voice was a croak.
'i can't have you throwing a jealous fit everytime i so much as exchange a polite word with a man eve',there was a finality in A's voice.
Eve made to speak but A broke in, 'i am not a lesbian eve,i am bisexual,hell i don't even know if i am that,all i know is that i have this profound attraction to you'.
'i know you are not a lesbian A',eve was almost pleading.
'do you?' A's smile was sad. They stood there in silence,it was only broken by the sound of the boiling kettle sounding almost eerie.
'am sorry,'A said again,very softly. Just then there was a knock at the door,
'it's open' she shouted and in walked a tall,dark,handsome man.
'hey mala,this is my friend eve'A said too cheerfully.
Eve walked out a little while later,the air was so chilly,she pulled her jacket tight around herwaist and kicking an empty can of coke breathed in deeply.


A day.

Eve couldn't concentrate on work today,no matter how hard she tried.
She fought the urge to pick up the phone and call A, literally pulling her hand back.

She had left yesterday in anger, as soon as they had walked through the door,neither willing to break the silence.

Eve had thrown a tantrum when as she looked up from an intent inspection of a pair of ankle length boots,she sought A out only to find her flirting with some guy.

A looked back and smiled,oblivious to eve's jealousy and got confused when eve just put the boots back carefully and walked out,ending their much anticipated day of shopping that had only just begun.

A had followed,wanting to know what was going on,but on reaching eve,she had been interupted mid-word but a hissed,'are you coming or would you rather go home with him?'

They hadn't exchanged another word on their way to A's place afterthat,eve feeling abit silly but not willing to analyse why,she wasn't going to justify her unreasonable jealousy,'if she felt it she felt it and that was that',she thought,setting her mouth sturbornly and for the rest of the drive determinedly looking out of her window.
A kept sighing and throwing her miserable looks that she pretended not to notice but was very aware of.

She had thrown her things in her overnight bag and left a confused A even more confused when she walked out with an angry ,'good day'.

A hadn't replied,which would have been useless anyway since eve had closed the door on her words.

Much as eve felt she was pushing the whole jealousy thing abit too far,she still felt unable to call and apologise,knowing that perhaps she had been waiting for that very moment all this time,when A would exchange any form of communication that bordered on civil with any man, for her to pass Her sentence.
She sighed miserably and tried to go back to work unsuccessfully,putting the phone call off once more.


'this tastes almost as good as you look',dana said,giving eve a long slow look as she licked the bar one chocolate milkshake off her lips.
They were sitted in a booth at panarotti's.

'you are too sweet',eve smiled shyly.

'am just stating a fact,you look ravishing....-am glad you made it,it was such short notice...'

'a good thing i had the day off,i wanted to see you today too,talk..'eve felt her stomach twist,she didn't like being the bearer of bad news.

'yes,me too..i feel we need to clear up afew things, like the chemistry i feel we share..'

'i know.. That's what i wanted to talk about', she nervously pushed her hair away from her eyes,
'i ummm, she is called A' eve blurted out, '.. it just came on and kinda hit me when i wasn't looking, i think am inlove with her...'
she trailed off uncomfortably and stole a peek at dana's face.

Dana reached a hand out and held eve's hand, ' it's ok, am glad you told me.. I do believe you led me on just a little bit back there though?'.

Eve smiled embarrased,' i know, and am so sorry, you are a great person and you deserved better treatment..i was just so confused'.

'it's ok, wrong timing..i was just a nick too late,' dana smiled self mockingly and rolled her eyed,they both laughed.

they looked at eachother for a very long minute,each thinking there own thoughts.

'we can be friends though right?', dana asked, unsure.

'of course, i didn't want to push it,i'd like that alot, thank you for being so understanding..'.eve squeezed dana's hand gently and let it go.

'which teams are playing today..,want to watch alittle soccer with me today friend?,' dana put into the silence that followed and they went on to discuss the soccer...

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A night

Eve watched the outline of A's face framed by the moonlight,she wanted so much to reach out and cup her cheek in her palm but refrained from it because she didn't want to disturb what looked like a very beautiful sleep.
How so lovely she looked with her face so serene..
She turned on her back and watched the silent sky through the flimsy curtain,the night lights made star watching close to impossible but it was ok,she only wished to lay there and breathe softly,she childishly timed the rhythm of her heart to match that of A's.

Since saturday night,she had only gone back to her place to change clothes and pack some toiletry,they both couldn't get enough of eachother,she felt like she was losing her mind.
She thought back to saturday night and felt a stirring in her vagina,it had been so perfect,A had suggested she come over and they do a movie marathon,eve had rented the movies and A microwaved the popcorn.Snuggled on the couch,they had done very little watching and lots and lots of touching,eve had let A take the lead for she still didn't know the sensibility of what she was doing,she let herself be taken on the wave that then engulfed them both.

A's nipple in her mouth,oh so sweet,her hands down her back,rubbing,kneading,nails softly running down to her ass,squeezing tight..
A's mouth on her,licking ever so gently,sucking hard and then fast and then slow,her tongue dipping in and out of her,her moans coupled with A's till they were a crescendo and both of them breathing so hard had collapsed on the couch in a sweaty heap..

They had been at it all weekend and tonight hadn't been any different,she hadn't wanted anyone this much in a long time,and yet she still remained confused and scared.

She still chatted with dana and felt really bad for leading her on but felt like she needed some sort of surety,she was hoping this whole madness with A was only an infatuation that she would soon get over but even as she thought it,she knew she was lying to herself.

A stirred and reached for her,wrapping a very warm arm across her stomach and cupping her breast and a leg over her thigh,she purred contentedly and slept on,eve kissed her forehead and buried her face in her neck and breathed and later,much later,fell asleep.


A day

This day wasn't going very well for eve,not at all. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed,whoever first said that must have had one exactly similar to this.

She'd woken up with the mother of colds coming on, her throat was so scratchy she cd have sworn she had sand for dinner last night.
Which led her to wasting time in bed feeling sorry for herself and being late for work,the traffic was a nightmare! And why was it that when you needed them to be the dumbasses everyone knew and loved,taxi drivers got all law abiding on you??

She cd hardly contain her anger when the taxi stopped at yet another orange light,she gritted her teeth and forced back an insult,what was wrong with this man? Hadn't he attended the same rude,careless and madness classes that all taxi drivers attend?!,to make matters worse,the man next to her was giving her lecherous looks she didn't care very much for,and that thigh he kept rubbing against hers was totally uncalled for!.

It had been with an angry creased forehead that she had rushed into work to find her boss waiting impatiently,
'Right,How much more worse cd a morning get?' she thought and trugded in,she was soon to find out.

Apparently a client had come complaining about her homosexuality-saying she never wanted to be attended to by 'one of those ppl again'

She wanted to tell her boss to tell the client what to do with her middle finger but checked herself just in time..it was obviously going to be along day,she thought miserably..


A day

'hey' bleh wrote and sent a rose.

'hey stranger,where did you go?', eve sent a kiss.

'been around,it's you with the busy life,am married,it gets dull',bleh wrote,with the rolling eyes emoticon.

'lol,you know you love being married,how's wifey?',eve sent a smile.

'she is good,yea i love being married to her hot ass,i shdn't complain..,
how's everything with 'you know who'?',bleh smiled back.

'we had lunch yesterday,and a movie sunday..',eve sent a cheeky smile.

'ooooh,you've been busy little miss..i like,give me dirty details ASAP!'.

'it was awesome,laughing with her over the movie and shovelling buckets of popcorn in our mouths,we later had coffee and sat talking for ages..'
'i like her..but am confused,i met someone else saturday,at the picnic remember? We're supposed to hook up again sometime this week..she is hot!! And gay..'eve finished with a thinking face.

'I had such a great time with her,we walked and talked and laughed and talked some more,she is so funny and smart and and,gosh!'

Bleh sent a thinking face..
'hectic situation you got there,someone's na get burnt..'

'i know,but i don't want to make rush decisions and i like them both,damn! What to do????' with creased brows.

'Brb',bleh wrote and was gone for about ten minutes.
'sorry bout that,duty...' bleh wrote when she got back.

'it's cool',eve replied with a smile.

'i duno what you shd do either,who do you like most?'
'hmmm,A..iv known her longer and all,but you know the trouble with her..'

'yea',bleh was thinking
'you cd always turn her lesbian,it has happened before',bleh finished with a grin.

'you know that's not my game man,i don't wana be looking over my shoulder at every turn,nope!' eve ended with a sick face.

'so why don't you end it then?'

'coz i like her,coz am greedy like that,hehehe,i know i enjoy her company..daing what a mess!!'

'you can say that again..'

'eish,gota go babes,later ya?'eve wrote and logged off.
'later',bleh wrote promptily.



An hour was all she had before she had to rush back to work.
She had dressed carefully for the day,a bright red long sweater,black patent shin length boots and navy blue skinny jeans. She had to admit,she looked hot.
Her long locks were tied up in a bun with a few loose ones framing her face.
They had agreed on a macdonalds,Eve stepped out of the taxi and half run the rest of the way there,she was alittle late,A was seated and immediately got up,they exchanged a tight hug and took their seats,proceeding to look at eachother for an eternally long moment,which was broken by A,
'what are you going to have?'.she smiled softly,looking so radiant.

'i duno,i'll just have whatever you are having,how's that?' eve cdn't string two coherent thoughts together,let alone decide what to eat,the sight of A was leaving her curiously unsettled.


A day

Eve was having a crazy morning at work,and to top it off,she had 3 women to chat to,
'oh the life of the famous',she thought,giggling naughtyly to herself.

Dana was raving about how much fun she'd had with her,and that now she'd seen her,she cdn't get her out of her head. She told her all this in a long inbox that left eve feeling very elated,she'd liked dana too,she was such an interesting person,she had the nicest laugh and it came so easily.hmmm

A cdn't wait to see her again,
'can we have lunch together sometime soon?', She wrote,'i just can't see to get enough of your face..or you..
Eve was beginning to get scared about A,for starters,A seemed to be falling for her real hard,feelings eve wasn't entirely immune to, she felt selfish for encouraging her but she did like it,gosh!
And She did want to have that lunch with her too and she told her as much in the reply.

'Do you have a girl friend? Or love interest for that matter',nto asked and eve laughed to herself.

'You cd say that',she replied,'i don't really have a girlfriend..,but love interest(s)....,yes,that/those i do have.you?

'I don't have a girlfriend either',nto wrote back,'but there is someone i think i kinda like...'

'Why don't you have one?'
Eve was genuinely curious,nto seemed such a fascinating person,and her pictures looked great.

'Lol,i duno,i haven't met anyone i like who likes me i guess..
I did like someone,but i was too chicken to tell her,so yea'..nto finished off vagely

'ok..,it's never easy to find someone to like is it?',eve replied,thinking once you did find someone though,the they all came flooding to you.

'no,it's not..,and once you do find that person,then they are probably taken or you can't tell them coz you are scared of rejection and spoiling whatever friendship you feel is there..'nto felt she had gone alittle too far with that narrative,she didn't want to scare eve away with any confessions just yet.

She cdn't explain what drew her to this woman,she hadn't felt this way about anyone in a long time.
She hoped..hoped so badly..


A day after the weekend.

It is true what they say,when it rains,it pours. What a weekend eve had had!
First she was single,bored and contemplating the life of a nun and now,she had three women who all wanted her....how had it all twisted around to this?
'Life could be so entertaining!', She thought musingly to herself,one had to laugh or they'd be driven to madness.
It had all started saturday morning when she'd gone for the picnic with the chic she hardly knew from the internet,the whole affair had been amazing,dana,for she'd learnt that was her name was quite beautiful and interesting,they'd hit it off,the hours had just flown by without either of them noticing,till it was time to leave,what seemed like 5 minutes later but had indeed been over 6hours.
They'd both been loathe to part just yet but promised to keep intouch and meet again before the week was over.
The picnic in itself had been much fun,she'd met a few people she'd only ever chat with on the internet and they had all been as interesting in person as they had been virtually.
They had bbq-ed some meat and most everyone had brought along some alcohol,which helped loosen tongues and erase the tension and shyness that had ruled in the beginning.
They'd later played some games,and she had taken a walk with dana,watching her take side ways glances and her and smiling shyly when caught in the act.

From there she'd rushed over to A's place,they were supposed to catch a movie together,they'd watched 'sex and the city 2' and enjoyed themselves enormously,later they'd sat at a cafe for ages just talking and getting to know eachother alittle more and drinking endless cups of mocha lattes,blushing over melting marsh mellows and exchanging current charged looks.
That too had gone perfectly,A was so funny and witty and interesting.
Eve was now torn between the two,who to choose between dana and A???,she decided to go with the flow and not burn any bridges just yet,she'd sit back and enjoy this ride and hope it didn't all backfire in her face.

Lastly,her friendship with nto was blooming ever so gently,the more she learnt about the woman,the more interested she became to learn even more,they seemed to gel so well,she'd bet her left tit that nto just like dana and A,wanted her,she'd never been wrong reading anyone before and she doubted she was now,hmmmmm,what an amusing turn of events..
She didn't know who she wd take yet but dana had the aces in this one with nto following closely behind,much as she liked A,the whole straight girl thing put her off so much she couldn't see herself getting over it,hmmm..
She wd have to wait and see,only thing she knew was that she wasn't going to make any hasty decisions just yet and hoped she wdn't end up on her own again, she smiled a secret smile and went to work on the pile that was growing on her desk with renewed vigour,it felt so good being wanted!


A day in a lesbian's life: The day before

A day in a lesbian's life: The day before

The day before

'So how did it go then?',bleh who was possibly eve's oldest friend,that she yet again hadn't ever met,asked.
Eve wondered what people did before the internet,you had to love it.
Knowing people who were physically close to you was all good but it was also very limiting and claustrophobic,the internet presented the world to you on a platter and you cd get to befriend anyone from anywhere.Mostly with friends all one needed was someone to connect with anyway,yes,it wd be nice to go to the movies together and hug them sometimes but whoever had of one having one's cake and eating it too?
Eve lay on her back with the lights off,it was almost midnight.
'urg,nothing happened man,you know how nervous i get,i just froze!'
Bleh sent eve a laughing emoticon,
'come dude,you gota stop being so geeky,you gota take charge,girls love that,especially straight ones coz they're used to it'

'I know man,don't you think i know that???,all i did was just keep gaping at her,so uncool!!!'

'hmmm,you like this girl alot,don't you?' bleh concluded the sentence with a thinking emoticon.

'duh,why you telling me what i know?' eve concluded with an angry one.

'don't be a smart ass,and her being straight?'

'i don know hey,crap,i don't have all the answers,but how straight can she be if she is into me?'
now eve was the one thinking.

'you know what they say,they are only straight till they get wet,just like spaghetti' she added the grinning dude,bleh always had some dumb saying going.

'hehe,true dat,anyway,we're both just having some fun,no harm in that'

'yea right,i don't want you coming here teary eyed coz she likes some dude sometime'

'let's worry bout that when we get to it k?,right now all i know is that i like her and she likes me..'

'ok then', bleh wasn't one to overly lecture,'whatever makes you happy,
so when are you seeing her again?'

'saturday,eish,and am so nervous,ima probably have a mental break down before then,tjo!'

'nah,you'll be fine,this time when she's busy getting you a drink,walk up to her and take it from there,sex is so awesome on the kitchen counter' she was laughing at her,with five emoticons of the grinning guy.

'whatever dude,we both know wifey is the one that takes charge so don't be pretending to be all hardcore with me,mxm,i don't buy it'.

Wifey was bleh's gf that they just called that coz she and bleh had been together since forever,bleh wished the same for her friend,eve deserved to find a good woman coz she was such a good person,weird how being good didn't always pay.

'don't be a smartass' bleh sent her a nerdy emoticon,
Eve sent one with rolling eyes.
They said goodnight,they both had to be up early tomorrow.
Eve looked over nto's profile before she turned in and thought that perhaps she shdn't be so abrapt with her afterall,nto seemed like a very interesting person from the little that she let on there,what caught eve's eye was her interest in photography,she found photographers and any artistic sorts so sexy.


A day

There were 2 new inboxes for eve that morning,she excitedly went straight to read them before she even made her morning cup of coffee,the one from nto she glanced over quickly,not really interested,nto was on about she liked eve's pictures and she wanted to get to know her coz eve sounded very interesting from her profile. Eve remembered she hadn't even looked at nto's profile and wrote a distracted reply saying thanx and she'd love that too,she made a mental note to look at nto's profile later.
She opened A's inbox with shaky fingers, and read it with mounting excitement and the biggest of silly grins on her face,a collegeau said something about what was she reading that was making her smile that broadly and she just shrugged,too dazed to answer.
A had liked being with her too! Was all she kept thinking,it was written right there,in the inbox,she hadn't wanted it to end and she regretted not having asked for another hug,she cdn't stop thinking about her,she wrote wow!,the inbox went on and on and all that she read was music to her ears,or rather eyes.
She knew A was dangerous territory,being straight and all but just cdn't help herself,that girl was fine! And what was there to worry about,they were just having some fun,right?.


The day after

Eve kept playing the scene at A's place yesterday and wanting to kick herself,she hadn't even given her a peck on the cheek,let alone the passionate kiss she'd been thinking about all day!
What a nerd,she berated herself angrily,maybe she was better off in a nunnery,at the rate she was going,she'd never get to kiss a girl again,let alone get laid,she rolled her eyes at herself mockingly.
She'd got there and A had opened the door after a coupla knocks,
They had just stood there looking at eachother till eve thrust the bunch of flowers she held into A's arms,making the hug that they exchanged after that very awkward,they had both smiled shyly and laughed at how nervous they were but the moment was lost and they had had to enter the house where A had busied herself with arranging the flowers into a vase and eve looked through some of her cd collections.
Now that she'd seen her,she was even more smitten,they had talked and talked and talked till the 3 hours they'd spent together only seemed like 30minutes when eve had to get back home before it got dark,winter days were so much shorter.
They were to meet again on saturday for a movie and coffee,this was wednesday,eve thought she'd lose her mind before saturday got here,she cdn't stop thinking about saturday,maybe then she wdn't be so stupid,
When she'd gotten up to go,she'd seen the disappointment in A's eyes but was just to chicken to reach out and kiss her,so they'd only hugged tightly,both clinging on longer and she'd left,feeling like she wd faint anytime before she got home and lay down.


Another day

Eve thought her stomach wd probably burst open to release the butterflies that wdn't stop fluttering about,she made to hug the flowers that she'd bought for A but stopped herself just in time,they'd probaby get crushed,she told herself to breathe evenly and tried to think of anything that wd calm her,it didn't work.
finally the taxi was there and she mouthed a thank you to the driver and got out,and almost called it back! Her knees were shaky...


Another Day

Eve had secured a date for the pending picnic and was looking forward to the whole experience with a nervousness the heights of which she'd never reached before,it was someone she wasn't that acquainted with but they'd agreed to kinda go together or hang around eachother when they got there since they both didn't have partners and were not feeling the idea of attacking solo.
In the meantime,she was supposed to meet A at her place,yes! Finally it had happened and she was so excited she cd hardly sit still,her whole body was tingling,she cdn't erase images of kissing this woman from her mind,she wanted to dip her fingers in her pussy and get lost in there,all this was in her head of course,such erotic images with a someone she'd never even met left her wet and mad almsot all day,this wasn't going to do,and to make matters worse,the woman was straight!,she had it bad and it was scaring her shitless.


Yet Another day

There was another inbox for eve from nto the next day,she wanted to know where eve was from and asked how come her name sounded different,eve hadn't heard from A for two days now and wasn't in the best of moods so she ignored nto's message,complaining grumpily to herself about how she hated it when people asked her stupid questions,what was so different about her that everyone had to ask? There were so many people called eve for heaven's sake and this person chose to say something that stupid to her?
Anyway,she'd just ignore and not waste her anger over a stranger,there was a lesbian picnic thing happening and she thought perhaps if she went she might be lucky and catch some fish,she really needed to get laid and soon,this life of a nun existence she was living wasn't much fun and she wasn't planning on making it a life path.
She clicked yes on the lesbian picnic invite and felt the excitement assurge her,perhaps her celibate days were going to be over sooner than later,she hoped it wd be very soon!


And another

Eve saw that there was a new inbox for her and tried to stop the mounting excitment at the thought that it was from A,she tried as hard to stop the twinge of disappointment when she found that it wasn't,it was someone called Nto,it only said 'hey there,thanx for the mathematics',she felt some irritation but answered with a perfunctory,welcome aboard,don't be a stranger and almost immediately forgot about it as soon as it was sent.
She needed a life,it's like she lived online,there wasn't much excitment going on in her offline life,that was the problem,she reasoned herself,yea,whatever,she thought angrily,i know all that smartass,but wtf am i to do about it,everything in her life was sooo boring,she basically had no friends,her family didn't understand her,her job bored her,fat chance of an offline life.
She needed atleast a hobby,other than the internet ofcourse,but what??
What cd she do that cd be fun,perhaps she'd make some friends along the way as well,that she didn't bet on though,it was worth a thought,she laughed bitterly,try making friends at age 27,if you didn't have childhood friends by then,you had to forget about it.
Ok then,no use mourning about it,she thought,how about a lover,she cdn't even remember how kissing felt like anymore.It was quite sad really.


And yet another Day

Eve read some postings from a dude on A's page,he was thanking her for loving him? He didn't mean it like just a friend neither so she was alittle upset, yes they were not dating or anything but flirting with a girl that was flirting with a dude or having a thing with a dude was so not her game,she cdn't imagine going where a dude had been,that was just wrong.
Not only did they not wash their hands after using the loo,they played around too and she wasn't going to dip her fingers in dick infested pussy,no way jose`!
She just wished she didn't like A so much,it wd make things so much either but she cdn't go a minute without thinking about her,how was she supposed to just forget about her??,damn,she knew how to get herself into these spots,now how was she getting out of this one unscathed?.
She read the flirtatious note from A with mounting annoyance,why cdn't these straight girls stick to their men and leave a sister the hell alone??


A Day

Eve,this is the name of the heroin of the story,get acquainted,you two might become bestfriends,or lovers or both.
Eve finished off the message she was writing to A,the chic that was giving her palpitations lately and sent it,already impatient for the reply.
A and eve hadn't met yet but the chemistry they shared was something else,they stayed awake through most of the night just chatting,the problem with A,she was not really lesbian,just finding herself,eve knew too well to stay away from the type but it wasn't as easy as that,trouble was A had to go and be so damned likeable.
Eve was just riding this wave for now,no need to get all worked up,flirting was her speciality,she was enjoying it,that's what was important and she wasn't going to let reason get in the way of that.
She got back to work,antcipating A's reply,hmmmm.

A day

I like to read about lesbians,probably because am one,there isn't much information out there catering to the curvier orientation,but also because i believe lesbians are hot,like i said,it's probably because am one.
How about we have some fun together then? You could learn something new,which isn't always such a bad thing.
Note that the character's in this tale are all fictitious so any resemblance to any real life persons would be merely coincidental.
This material is not for highly sensitive individuals and hence the above mentioned are highly advised to stir clear.