Was that the last I heard from her?

10 October 2011 

was the first day I met her. I knew her before this day but just not personally. She seemed too strict and serious. Didn't laugh a lot and hung with people I refer to as 'top dogs'. You see those elites and very choosy. "I just wanna say hi" My friend said. She had a crush on her and really I didn't see what's there to give her sleepless nights. "ugh come on Lesego like really now" I rolled my eyes. "Just hold this and don't blink, I'll be back" she walked over to them and they talked, the next thing a hug was flashed. "Come say hi" Lesego waved at me. I spun fast and acted as if I didn't see or hear anything. As I was facing the other sway I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Keng otshaba batho?" She said. 'Pssst' my sub raised her eyebrow. "Come on, just a hug" she hugged me and damn I didn't wanna let go. The scent on her neck, oh my... "Was that hard?" She interrupted my reverie. I couldn't bring myself to look her on the face. "Enjoy the rest of your day" she walked away and Lesego came. "I thought I was the one crushing on her" she said. "Ofcourse you are" I snapped and walked away. Months went by and the crush was starting to fade since I haven't been seeing much of her and I heard she was getting engaged. 

Not that I thought she and I was gonna elope blah blah....Okay maybe the thought did cross my mind once or twice or maybe thrice but it was just wishful thinking. Obviously I'm not her type etc.

On Feb the 13th 2013

 I met her again in the morning around 11. This time she was alone. I was sitting in the bar minding my own business when I heard a voice behind me. "What is a beautiful lady like u doing in a place like this?"

'How lame' I thought. "How can a charming lady like you come up with a lame line like that?" I said and we laughed. "I'm Mbali" she pulled her hand out to shake mine. "Khumo" we shook hands. "Shouldn't you be preparing for tomorrow?" She asked. "What's the to prepare for?" I huffed. "Hello! It's valentine's" she said. "So? I don't even get worked up on my own birthday so why should I bother on valentine's?" I said. "Whoever you're dating is wrong for u, for giving you that kinda mentality" she said. "Ja she was,that's why we didn't work" I said 'but tell that to my heart' my sub added. "I'm sorry to hear that" She said. "Want a refill?" She added. "I should probably go I've been here since 9.am" I said as I stood. "Just few more minutes... please" she pleaded. "Okay, one drink" I sat back down. "Bartender" she yelled. I watched her give our orders, a real charmer and very sweet so far.

"So how long has it been?" She asked after talking to the bartender catching me staring at her side bands. I quickly looked away. "Pardon?" I asked. "How long have u been single?" I couldn't have said for a month, that might have given her the impression that I'm not over my ex, which is true but I can't just come out and say it. "2 months now" I know it's still close but is the first thing that came to my mind. "That's soon, you can still work things out" she said. "I doubt" I said. "Why? Was the break up that bad?" She seemed too concerned for my liking. 'I burnt her clothes,crashed her laptop and almost killed her and her mistress how's that for bad?' My sub said. "Yes it was" I said. "You sound like a trouble maker ko facebook but certainly don't look like one now" she said. "You read my statuses?" I almost jumped but thank God I only did it inside. "All the time" she said. 'Oh my' my sub fainted. "I must say, the things u say are pretty hectic" she added and I blushed. She looked at the watch on her wrist. "I have to go" it was nice chatting to u" 

'Please don't go, please' my sub was on her knees. "You gonna be good right?" She asked as she stood. 'No I'm gonna shoot myself If u walk out that door' my sub said. "Yes, I'll be fine thanks" I said, we hugged and she left.

Written by Diopelo The-Firstlady King.