The plot thickens.

The plan was to meet at Mojo's little flat, which she had recently moved into after staying with bleh for just over a month - before deciding on where to proceed from there.
That way, they would be killing two birds with one stone, getting tan to see mojo's humble aboard and getting their bearings figured out before venturing further into whatever path was opening for them.

Mojo was barely out of the shower when the phone started ringing and seconds later, tan announced her arrival, which undoubtedly set mojo off into a panicked frenzy of actions, the place was a mess, the bed unmade, she had to put some clothes on, after finding them ofcourse which was proving quite impossible a task.

She was finally ready and ran most of the way to the parking where tan was waiting patiently.

'sorry I took forever', she said, running fingers through her still wet hair and blushing.
'it's ok', tan said,putting out her cigarette with her foot and blushing back.
'had to do a bit of tidying up, take a shower....' she trailed off and started to lead the way back to the flat.
'i figured', tan had laughter in her voice.
'i like your bike' she said of tan's harley davidson.
Tan raised an impressed eyebrow,
'it's my baby'.
They walked on quietly.
'place was a mess...' mojo continued when the silence got too loud.
' my place gets that way too...' tan put forth in consolation.
Mojo smiled and felt herself relax towards this woman.
She stole quick looks when she thought her guest wasn't aware, noticing how shapely those denims made her ass look, and the exposed cleavage that tan had let slip accidentally on purpose.
She looked good,and the slight whiffs that came Mojo's way indicated that she smelt wonderful too.

The walk to the flat was fast.
Tan voiced all the polite platitudes on seeing it, Mojo had an eclectic collection of things from her journeys which tan took turns admiring.

'tea, coffee, juice?' she later offered.
Tan felt a boldness she could hardly explain.
' actually what I'd rather right now...'
She walked over to Mojo without a word and taking a speechless face into her palms proceeded to administer a short but thorough kiss.
'i've wanted to do that since we met', she said when it ended.

Mojo reached over and their lips connected again, not wasting time with words - being all for action herself.

They had to tear themselves away from the flat some 30 minutes later, knowing that things might get out of hand if they didn't and not really wanting to cross that bridge yet, Mojo had packed a picnic complete with a dry red wine and strawberries,
No doubt by the end of it,it was declared clearly and simply that a relationship had now began between Mojo and tan.


blossoming romance

Mojo looked every bit as distressed as she felt and sounded.
'i don't think you understand Bleh,' she put forth with emotion,' she is perfect, I simply have to get her!'

She had ran to Bleh's work as soon as the date was over and commenced on pouring her heart out.
'how come this is the first am hearing about this supernatural individual?', Bleh retaliated in an accusatory tone.
Mojo blushed,' I just didn't want to make a big deal of it in case she wasn't my type, there's just been so many..., but that is neither here nor there, help me, what do I do!?'

'have you two talked since you met?' Bleh tried to make sense of it.
'yes, we haven't stopped chatting since then. But it could be because she feels sorry for me', she dramatically rested her head in her palms and breathed deeply.
Something that was so unlike the cool and always collected mojo bleh knew.
'there is something about her Bleh, she is simply perfect'
'yes, you said that before' Bleh said sarcastically and mojo gave her a killer eye.
'what about her drew you so strongly?'
' could have been everything and nothing really, I think it's simply connection, chemistry, that typa crazy stuff, could have also been because she is gorgeous and has the most incredible laugh, or maybe it's because she is extremely smart - you know I can't resist those...'
'hmmm and it's pretty clear you can't resist her' Bleh stated obviously.
'duh!' was all mojo said in answer.

'when are you seeing her again?'

'next week',mojo said with impatience ,'it seems too far, am thinking that I Shd make sunday possible, although duty calls, I can make it happen with a little arm twisting here and there'.

Sunday did happen.


mojo finds her mojo

And it looked like mojo might not have long to wait. After going on several dates that ended very badly ; linda was a gold digger, or atleast mojo gathered after she asked her what work she did and how much it paid for the 10th time in the 30 minutes they'd spent together having coffee at bugattis . She left feeling very discouraged, linda was very hot unfortunately. Lihle was too loud, mojo kept blushing profusely as all the other occupants of spur kept staring at them because their conversation seemed open to the general public, she couldn't wait to rush off to work and breathed a sigh of relief when the clock finally ticked a blessed 2:45. she made for the door with promises of calling and setting up another date that she very well knew wouldn't happen. Kate had bad breath. Lee- ann had bad teeth and was squint eyed. The list was endless. Dana and eve advised that perhaps she was being alittle too judgemental and too fussy, the search for a mate was a tricky one. She was adamant that she would finally find someone who would leave her heart pounding for extra oxygen. Five weeks down the line she finally did. After chatting for some time, they finally decided to meet,tan was tall and spotted a ponytail, faded denims, a leather jacket, black boots and smoked like a chimney, coffee it was, they sat in news cafe and the two hours passed all too quickly, they laughed endlessly and had discussions about life and homosexuality and life as a homosexual and religion and the stars, the moon and the grass by the road side.
It was only when they decided to leave that it dawned on both of them that they needed to see eachother again.


New kid on the block.

Mojo had been in town for a whole of two months and already she was causing chaos.
After triapsing around the continent for the past two years, she'd decided to come back home - home being where her bestfriend eve was and try settling down.
She might have been settling down but the dust in her wake most certainly wasn't,the ladies chased after her like she was drenched in chocolate and finished off with several mouthwatering cherries.
She wasn't what you'd call a player, but when life threw melons at you,the least you could do was feel them up and give them a good lick,and in that regards, she wasn't disappointing.
She soon got a gig as a bar lady in some joint, all was going well, professionally atleast.
See mojo had a big problem, she suspected that cupid had an age old score to settle with her, getting laid had always been easy for her, but finding a woman that left her weak kneed and breathless was proving impossible, every time she fell in love, something would go wrong, she was gunning for 30 and had yet to have a serious relationship.
Eve said she attracted what she subconsciously wanted, eve was on a newage thinking tip lately that left mojo very frustrated.

'love will find you when you least expect it' advised dana, who was yet again disgustingly in love with eve.
They were gradually working their way through eve's little faux pas with nto who had finally decided to move to durban and was now happily involved with a mature indian woman. They were all learning to laugh about the past, especially the part where eve made a fool of herself serenading dana outside her flat in the thick of night, that part always left eve blushing and mumbling that atleast it had paid off.

'guys, can we focus on me here!' mojo whined, they were all in bed together trying to beat the winter chills.
'what happened to dinka from work, didn't you like her or something?' eve said with laughter in her voice.
' she is straight remember and she liked me, I have a feeling the boyfriend will pay someone to put a bullet in me one of these good days'
They all laughed.
'it's not funny guys, why do I keep attracting straight women lately', mojo's brows were knotted in genuine confusion.
'Ummm... Coz you are hot' dana piped in smiling
'coz you are so lesbian they think it'll rub off' eve winked.
' coz they are greedy,' mojo said petulantly.
'i can't wait to fall in love with a normal red blooded, full blown lesbian', she sighed.


All is well that ends well.

The Plan

All is well that ends well

The plan

And so eve set out to make a fool of herself, with her accomplice Bleh in toe,they wrote out a whole essay about being sorry with neon coloured ink, got hold of Eve's guitar that hadn't been tuned in a long while and off they went.

'This could get ugly you know' Eve warned omniously.
'All is fair in love and war is what they say', Bleh deadpanned.

The Journey

The ride to Dana's seemed almost too short, Eve's heart was now beating a tattoo in her chest, Bleh on the other hand seemed to be enjoying herself, they set up camp on the little lawn in front of dana's little flat and got ready for action.

Bleh held out the big pieces of paper while Eve fiddled about with her guitar trying to get in tune, all was finally set and the charade ready to begin.

The Fool

Eve started singing.
In just a few seconds, most of the lights in the entire building came on and heads started to peek out.
'I'm sorry dana...' she shouted off key.
'i know I don't deserve a second chance...'
'but I don't want to live without you,even if I can...'
'Dana please forgive me'.


Dana's head was the last one to peek out, the look on her face wasn't very encouraging however.
'i'm sorry...' eve said looking straight at her, the guitar now forgotten.
'i love you'.
Dana's head left the window and a few minutes after, she appeared at the front gate.
'i..am...sorry...that's all I can say'. Eve had tears flowing freely out of her eyes now.
Dana whipped her face gently.
'it's ok baby... Now stop singing please, you are embarrassing me'.
Bleh guffawed,' you are on point dana, if I was while,i'd be red by now'.
They kissed softly and hugged for hours, both knowing that the road ahead was going to be very shaky.
Their audience, unaware of all that, clapped excitedly.


A day in a lesbian's life: Fools rush in

A day in a lesbian's life: Fools rush in: "It had been over a month and dana was still not coming round. Eve had tried everything, begging,pleading, threatening and then begging agai..."

Fool's Rush In

Out of options

It had been over a month and Dana was still not coming round.
Eve had tried everything, begging,pleading, threatening and then begging again and it wasn't working.
Some even said she had moved on - some woman was constantly in her presence, others said she was considering moving cities.

Tough decisions

Hina and Bleh on the other hand now had a flourishing romance.
Hina remained a complex specimen for study nonetheless.
Being with her was like riding on a rollercoaster, she kept Bleh's emotions on tip toes.
Which was why, for Bleh, having Lizo on the side was inevitable and totally acceptable. There were moments when Hina disappeared for a week, no phonecall, email, facebook message or a mxit pop, she simply vanished, such moments, Bleh simply spent warm nights in Lizo's arms.
Infact lizo's arms were so warm and her sex so good that Bleh was now getting confused.

Women talk 

They decided to meet up with eve and talk women.
A tuesday evening at Eve's, Eve grilled ribs and Bleh brought some beer.

' I miss her man...' this seemed to be eve's favourite new record.
' know what I think? I think you shouldn't give up, you fucked up so do whatever it takes to get her back'.
' But i've done just about everything, and now her friends say she might be moving cities. Fuck!'
' not everything...', Bleh said thoughtfully,
Eve gave her the eye and raised an eyebrow.

' Have you camped outside her flat yet?'
'have you woken her up late at night outside her window with a serenade?, desperate times call for desperate measures is what i always say'.

Eve made as though to snoot at Bleh's crazy ideas but stopped,' I think you are onto something actually', she finally said.
'i should make an ass of myself before I declare defeat, I can't just lose her like that'.
'that's the spirit!, i'll help you drive the getaway car encase the popo get involved', Bleh said laughing, and earned a punch on her shoulder.
'when should we do this?', eve asked thoughtfully.
'no time like the present china, I say we drouse ourselves in drink and do it tonight'.

'you speak such sense my friend,' eve said raising her bottle in salute.



Eve felt a claustrophobic silence everywhere in the house now.
Hard to imagine such a small apartment being so loud with no words.
The bed stretched on for hours...four corners that went on for days,she didn't sleep in it anymore, she fell asleep infront of the tv, watching dana's favourite chef make a dish with mushrooms and chicken in it,silently. Kylie kwong sprinkled salt here and drizzled wine there, smiling so wide and happy.
Eve took another drag of the dry rose she hadn't bothered to pour in a glass and swallowed, sadness oozing in her action, she missed her...
She missed her breath, silence and presence. She missed the warmth of a beautiful body,her breasts soft and full, even with the seasons changing and bringing a chill along,they had slept partially covered.

She missed the meaningless words they shared.
'pass the salt'
'am making coffee,do you want some?'.
'gosh,did you see what the tsunami did to japan?, I think the world is ending babe'.
'oh come on,not for atleast another 1000 years, well if it does,i want it to end with you in my arms'.
her sweet laugh..'Oh,you charmer you'.

She missed the cuddles and kisses, the touches and hisses,in the night,watched when she woke up horny,she missed reaching out and igniting her, sleepily making silent love, moving with her softly,gently, wordlessly, till after the hunger left when they would both breath softer till they again fell asleep,in eachother's arms.

She had tried calling again today,for the entire week she tried calling everyday and still dana refused to talk to her,she sent endless messages that were deleted before they were read, about how much she couldn't stand the pain in her chest.
The noise and silence in her head, and the loneliness.
I miss you, she wrote several times a day and pressed the green button.
What more could she say.
Words seemed so meaningless with the silence that had invaded her existence.
She cried softly.
She hadn't cried over anybody in a while, never this much. Sloppily licking her tears, wiping the mucous from her nose on the spread.
And yet the silence never once eased...



The confession

Dana came home to find eve had make dinner.
She promptly placed a glass of a nicely chilled rose in her hand.
'hmmm, what did you do now?' dana said smiling and gave her a warm hug.
'you feel so warm, it's chilly out there,winter is upon us, good thing I have my teddy bear'.
Eve laughed uneasily and kissed dana's neck.
'can't I just spoil my woman?' she said at last.
'what's for dinner?' dana said, kicking her pumps off and walking barefoot to the little kitchenette to peer into the pot,
'pasta and meatballs,' eve held a spoon with gravy on it towards dana's lips to taste.
'Hmmmm, this is very good, thank god am hungry', she kissed her quickly before rushing off to the bedroom to change.

'i have something to tell you...' during dinner she had tried to find the best time to bring the whole nto issue up but couldn't.
'sounds serious,am all ears..'
'i don't know how to say this, I hope you can forgive but I simply have to tell you the truth'
'i slept with nto', since there was no easy way out,she decided to blurt the truth out.
dana just sat there speechless.
'it happened more than once and I realise it was stupid and however I try to excuse it, nothing can make it right...'
She waited for dana to say something but still nothing escaped her now pursed lips.
'please say something babe...' she said softly.
dana sighed deeply and lay her head in her palms.
'you lied to Me..' she finally spoke, 'i asked you if something was going on and you lied to me'.
Eve couldn't think of anything to say, she got up and knelt between eve's legs.
'am sorry... Am so sorry, am so sorry baby'.
'please move', is all dana said.
A few minutes later she walked out of the door with an overnight bag,
' I'll fetch the rest of my things sometime....it's over eve'.


True colours show

Eve knocked on nto's little bachelorette flat and stop impatiently tapping her foot.
it was two o'clock in the afternoon and she had decided to waste her much appreciated time and sort the issue with nto out.
She had a day off and wd have loved to stay home, sip on a sweet rose in thick socks, a warm blanket and music.
It was getting colder by the minute, by the looks of things, the coming winter would be hectic.
nto opened the door in a flimsy negligee and a smile.
'hey you' she said cheerfully.
Eve ignored her and stepped around into the warm exterior, it was threatening to rain.
'the weather is beautiful, isn't it?' she said, following eve inside, unaffected by the rude gesture.
Eve granted a reply and stood in the tiny lounge.
'what is it nto?' she tried to look into the woman's eyes and understand what was driving this engine.
'would you like some wine?' nto said instead.
'i have an orange river cellars nicely chilled....it's cheap but so accommodating to the palate'.
''stop beating about the bush and tell me why am here nto'.

'ok,be like that', just then she slipped her little negligee off,'i want you...'
Slowly she walked to her,a sweet little smile playing on her lips,
But there was also an almost childlike fear in her eyes.
Eve sighed.
'don't do this nto...please'
'i love you eve, I don't know how it happened...you are all I think abt'

'but you knew abt dana, you knew nothing cd happen between us'.
'i guess my heart never paid heed..'
'i can't do this nto, we might have had our differences with dana but I love her and she's the one I want to be with, I thought you understood that.'

'i can't just not feel, what am I supposed to do about all these feelings? You played with my feelings, made me thin you felt the same way,' tears were now trickling her brown cheeks.
Relentlessly, they fell quicker and quicker.
'please don't cry...am sorry, I just thought we both understood what was going on...'
'please make love to Me...' she had crossed the distance between them and now held eve's arm pitifully,
Eve felt as trapped as a mouse in a cage.


trouble looms.

'we need to talk' nto whined from the other side of the phone.
eve rolled her eyes and sighed inaudibly,obviously nto wasn't letting things go so easy.
'talk about what nto?' eve didn't want to give off her frustration.
'about us...'
'there's no 'us' nto, you know that'.
'please don't say that eve...we were good together,i know you felt it too'.

Eve felt a wave of panic creep up her spine,nto seemed set for a fight and eve didn't possess the energy.
She wished she could sleep and wake up to find that she'd been dreaming.
'i thought we both understood...'
'understood what eve? How is one supposed to understand when their heart is on the line?'
Nto was now sounding squeaky with panic and an uncomfortable naunce of psychosis.
'where do you want to meet?' there was obviously no way of getting out of this,she would meet nto and make it very clear, eve's resolve was evident in the set of her jaw as her thoughts roamed frantically.

'i knew you'd see things my way,'nto sounded resolutely cheerful.
'come to my place friday evening,'she continued.
'can't we meet anywhere else?'
'are you scared of little 'ol me?,i don't bite you know,'What was meant to sound playful had menacing undertones.
Eve felt hopeless,
'ok,i'll be there,' she hang up soon after and felt trapped.
how had she let this happen,and what would happen if dana found out!


Severed ties

'we have to end this nto...'
They sat by the pond at the park,nto threw some bread crumbs to the little ducklings impatiently quacking at the edge of the pond and collected her thoughts quietly.
'why?' she finally asked,the panic she felt only slightly present in her voice.
'dana suspects...'Eve was feeling very uneasy,something told her this wasn't going to be as cut and dry as she had hoped.
'can't we just be more careful?' there was a plea in nto's voice and eve hoped that she wdn't beg,nothing was more pathetic than a jilted lover who begged.
She took a deep breath.
'no...we can't,i feel terrible as it is lying to dana this way,let's just both go back to our respective partners and close this chapter,ok?'
'it's not that simple eve',she said still looking at the pond,her gaze centered on a nonexistent object that she felt she needed to keep in her eye's view or she'd scream.
'what do you mean?' it was eve's turn to panic now,this had been a little fling and she'd hoped they both understood that,obviously someone hadn't gotten the memo.
'i am in love with you...i love you..i have fallen for you...,see how complicated it all becomes for me?' nto said in a gentle yet firm tone,'see how impossible it is for me to simply forget about THIS and close the chapter?' she continued,every word setting eve's heart a pace,All she could think was how did she get herself in this rut.


Suspicious minds

'Babe...' the tone of dana's voice made eve sit up straight in bed.
'what's the deal with nto?' her question sounded nonchalant but eve wasn't fooled.
'what do you mean?' she took the lotion dana passed over to her and rubbing some into her hands,massaged it onto dana's bare back.

'mmmh',dana purred,'i think she likes you',she continued in the same tone of voice.
'you do?' eve swallowed hard,trying to hide how freaked out she was.
'whatever gave you that idea',she now massaged dana's shoulder blades.
'call it intuition...i actually think it's more than that,i think she is hopelessly in love with you', dana finished and turned around,looking
directly into eve's eyes,

Eve reached over and brushed a few locks off her face.
'i think you are seeing things',she smiled.
'oh come on,don't tell me you haven't noticed!',dana was now searching eve's face.
'ok..fine,i suspected she had the tiniest crush on me but love,baby? nah!'.
'iv never been wrong and i can smell a woman in love a mile away...'
'supposing she was or did like me,it's her problem right,i can't possibly help that..' eve wanted this topic closed but didn't want to get dana anymore suspicious so she played

'hmmm,true...do you feel anything for her?'
The question was so unexpected that eve gasped softly.
'well?' dana wasn't letting it go.
Eve held her face gently between her palms,' dana...you are the only woman for me...don't you know that?'

Dana noticed that eve hadn't answered her question and thoughtfully leaned over and kissed her partner.
All Eve could think about was that the thing with nto had to end asap.


Taking chances

Eve daring antics taken to a higher level,how long can she keep this up without it biting back...

Taking chances

Eve stepped into the small bathroom to wash her hands,she had been busy at the braai the entire evening and all was ready to eat.
music played loudly in the lounge,as everyone drank and talked at the top of their voices,wanting to be heard yet not listening to one another, it was a good evening.
Afew minutes later,nto opened the door,
'oh...am sorry,thought no one was in here'.
'it's ok,i'll just be afew seconds'.
But nto got in anyway.
They exchanged a meaningful look and eve put her finger to her lips,indicating for her not to make a sound.
They kissed,stolen and sweet and oh so dangerous seeing as dana was a few feet away.
Eve slipped out alittle while later, guilt written all over her face and was glad that they were all too engrossed in the talking to notice her.
She reached for her glass of wine and joined dana on the floor.
'having a good time?' dana asked innocently.
'mmmh-uh',eve granted and swallowed hard.
'i still don't know to what i owe this party in my honour though'
'yes, we all are alittle curious dana, what's the occasion?' nto put in, she stop by the threshold
'can't i just spoil my baby without my motives being questioned?' Dana said,playfully lacing her fingers through eve's.
eve looked unconvinced so dana continued.
'i just wanted to thank you for being the wonderful person that you are, so sweet,forgiving,understanding...'

'oooooh...thanks babe,too bad i had to do all the cooking ', she teased softly and dana reached over and kissed her,
'stop whining my love,you know you like it,'
'true..too true' eve reached over and hugged her tight,
'i love you for it, and i am the lucky one..',
'i love you,' dana smiled sweetly at her.
Nto stood at the counter now and watched the whole scene,feeling a lump on the throat.
'ok people,get a room already!', she tried to sound unaffected,making everyone laugh and stepping over bleh and hina to sit next to her date, who made room quickly by the sofa.
'you took forever', she said holding her hand.
'i did? I wasn't aware, i hope you don't feel neglected'.
'not anymore, now that you are here'.


A dinner with friends

'you look great babe,now let's go please' eve was getting impatient with dana taking too long. They were to have dinner and drinks with bleh and hina and she didn't get why dana felt the need to change outfits several times.
'i just feel like looking glam tonight angel,stop rushing me,it's not helping'.
'fine...i'll just sit here and try not to carry you out of the house naked'.
'... Have you met hina before?' she shouted from the bedroom.
'we only had drinks awhile back,was with a friend and they came over...'
'what kinda person is she?'
'hmmm,you'll have to figure that one out yourself,i can't really say'
'you are hopeless...'she said,now out she leant her hand against the door panel and waited for eve to take it all in.
'wow...i have to say,the waiting was worth it,you look beautiful...' eve said feeling alittle mushy at how much she loved this woman.
'thank you..' dana blushed
She had finally decided on a short black dress that curved perfectly to her body and black pumps,it was so simple yet so stunning.
'i should be lucky to bring you back home tonight' she said jokingly.
'you are silly', dana Smiled shyly.

The evening went very well,they ate at a sushi place called fish and more and washed it all down with a light pinotage, which they drink later into the evening.
Everyone was charmed by hina,who seemed to be very taken with dana - a fact that didn't win her any points from eve or bleh for that matter, but they all brushed it off good naturedly and made light of the constant looks she kept throwing her way.

When the evening drew to a close,bleh did find herself enroute to hina's place,which was much closer than hers anyway.
What they felt for eachother was still very puzzling,they simply flowed with the fact that talking to eachother was very pleasant and they enjoyed eachother's sense of humour immensely.
Plus,bleh couldn't help but wonder how hina's lips tasted like,nor hina if bleh was as sensual as she gave off.
They hardly talked about spending the night together,it simply happened and their only part in destiny was letting it.


It's a small world.

'so,what's new then...who are is keeping you so busy this time round?'
Eve was chilling with her friend who never seemed to make up her mind with she was straight,lesbian or bisexual - tina.
'i think am done with women,i need a real man,tired of playing around' tina said promptily.
'iv heard that one before', eve said laughing.
'am serious this time', tina said with a serious face, women have no idea what they want.
'you think men are any different?'.
'i have no idea,but they can't be as confused,take for example this bitch iv been flirting with,i thought we were getting somewhere next she tells me she has a fiance only to call me the other night saying she wants to spend the night,what shit is that?'.
Tina finished looking as angry as she sounded.
'i think you just pick them wrong,told you to stay away from plastic girls' eve couldn't help laughing at her friend.
'but what is it that i do wrong???,i don't get it' tina's frustration was clear.
'i wish i knew my friend'.
They sat in eve's tiny lounge sipping on cheap wine,the sunday was going well,dana was asleep in the bedroom.

'remember the chick i was crazy about afew months back?'

'Yea,i remember you were heartbroken for months when she left her woman and started dating what's her name,how are they doing?

'Good apparently,they are so in love it's disgusting,she broke my poor heart'. Tina said with a pout.

eve laughed at that,' stop hating woman,jealousy makes you nasty'.

'Am not jealous,am so over that bitch.
Anyway,the chick she was dating before was cheating with another chick right?'

'Yea',eve said conversationally.

'Well,that chick she was cheating with,happened to be the gf of the friend of the object of my desire and they were always hanging out together in fours unbeknowst which serves her just right, this is just sweet',tina laughed a sweet evil laugh.

eve joined in,shaking her head.
'anyway,that isn't the best part, the two are now officially dating after breaking up with both of them but the other day when the ex object of my desire was with her woman and they met them,the chick was looking at the new woman of her ex like she wanted a piece of her,and she had her gf their too,how wicked is that??'.

eve was now in stitches,'i told you,you hang with the wrong crowd!'.
Tina threw a pillow at her.



'i miss you...' nto said over the phone to eve.
'i miss you too...'
'can i come over sometime, there is something about those fingers i want to explore alittle further...'
Eve laughed,remembering their lovemaking and feeling a tingle in her vagina.
Nto had been good,her small body moving so smoothly over eve,her soft moans and whispers in her ear.
'Dana is here alot lately so it's alittle tricky...' she replied carefully.
'how bout you come over then?, am all alone today'
Eve considered it for awhile,things had been very good with dana these past weeks and she had gotten over her resentment but still,some naughty part of her still wanted to take whatever nto had to offer.

'give me afew hours and i'll be there' she finally said,deciding to ride on the fast lane abit.
It was friday morning.
'what time do you think you'll be here exactly?' the excitement in nto's voice made her smile.
'one-ish i think,or there abouts'.
'ok...i can't wait to see you!'
'me neither' eve said thoughtfully.

Another call was coming through so she hang up on nto after a quick bye.
'hey you', bleh sounded cheerful on the other end.
'hey,how you doing?'.
'am good,hey i was thinking'
'that's scary' eve teased.
'you suck', bleh laughed,' anyway,you up for a double date tomorrow night?'.
'who you coming with?'
'who else,hina ofcourse' bleh responded impatiently.
'oooooh,i see my cupid antics are paying off' eve said happy.
'uhmm,i don't know,we just taking it slow,so i can't be sure' bleh said uncertainly.
'ugh man,give the girl a break, i'll ask dana and get back to you on the date thing k'
'sure, what are you up to today,lucky bugger getting all this time off!'.
'hmmm,abit of this and that' eve was evasive.
'i hope you are not up to any naughty business woman!', bleh cautioned.
'you worry too much', eve laughed alittle uneasy and they ended the call shortly...


A day in a lesbian's life: opposites attract.

A day in a lesbian's life: opposites attract.: "The more bleh and hina got to know eachother,the more they realised how totally different they were. Where bleh loved blue,hina thought oran..."

opposites attract.

The more bleh and hina got to know eachother,the more they realised how totally different they were.
Where bleh loved blue,hina thought orange was bright and beautiful,
If hina thought commitment was essential,bleh thought it was a waste of time and life was too short to surely spend on just one individual.

Still,they enjoyed eachother's dry humour and cynicism,wit and intelligence,they could talk about any subject comfortably and informatively.

What was so similar about the two, and they probably didnot realise was their need for love even when they fought so hard to keep it at arms length,their inability to get to the heart of the matter,even when they could talk about nothing in particular all day intelligently.
They had both mastered the art of distance,the science of nonchalance.

Eve lay in bed and watched dana get ready,she didn't start work until next week.
She loved to see her do her morning rituals,from the bathroom - naked,doing her ironing.
In her underwear,tidying her hair,it always turned her on.
When dana was finally done,having a few minutes on her hands,she thought she might make something to eat,eve sat up and stretched,the sheets fell off,revealing her perfect small breats,she looked so touseled and cute.
She got out languidly and naked,made it to the kitchenette and wrapped her arms around dana from the back,
'you smell so good' she said,licking her neck.
'thanx baby..' dana gave alittle moan.
Eve started to rub her breasts outside her shirt,
'mmh-uh babe...' dana wasn't convincing.
Eve slide an arm under the shirt and cupped a bra-ed breast.
'baby...' dana tried again as threw her head back with pleasure.
A few minutes later,dana's clothes were nicely placed on a chair and they made love quickly.
'you are bad for me,am going to be late!'
'Shhhh' was all eve said.