'i miss you...' nto said over the phone to eve.
'i miss you too...'
'can i come over sometime, there is something about those fingers i want to explore alittle further...'
Eve laughed,remembering their lovemaking and feeling a tingle in her vagina.
Nto had been good,her small body moving so smoothly over eve,her soft moans and whispers in her ear.
'Dana is here alot lately so it's alittle tricky...' she replied carefully.
'how bout you come over then?, am all alone today'
Eve considered it for awhile,things had been very good with dana these past weeks and she had gotten over her resentment but still,some naughty part of her still wanted to take whatever nto had to offer.

'give me afew hours and i'll be there' she finally said,deciding to ride on the fast lane abit.
It was friday morning.
'what time do you think you'll be here exactly?' the excitement in nto's voice made her smile.
'one-ish i think,or there abouts'.
'ok...i can't wait to see you!'
'me neither' eve said thoughtfully.

Another call was coming through so she hang up on nto after a quick bye.
'hey you', bleh sounded cheerful on the other end.
'hey,how you doing?'.
'am good,hey i was thinking'
'that's scary' eve teased.
'you suck', bleh laughed,' anyway,you up for a double date tomorrow night?'.
'who you coming with?'
'who else,hina ofcourse' bleh responded impatiently.
'oooooh,i see my cupid antics are paying off' eve said happy.
'uhmm,i don't know,we just taking it slow,so i can't be sure' bleh said uncertainly.
'ugh man,give the girl a break, i'll ask dana and get back to you on the date thing k'
'sure, what are you up to today,lucky bugger getting all this time off!'.
'hmmm,abit of this and that' eve was evasive.
'i hope you are not up to any naughty business woman!', bleh cautioned.
'you worry too much', eve laughed alittle uneasy and they ended the call shortly...
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