A dinner with friends

'you look great babe,now let's go please' eve was getting impatient with dana taking too long. They were to have dinner and drinks with bleh and hina and she didn't get why dana felt the need to change outfits several times.
'i just feel like looking glam tonight angel,stop rushing me,it's not helping'.
'fine...i'll just sit here and try not to carry you out of the house naked'.
'... Have you met hina before?' she shouted from the bedroom.
'we only had drinks awhile back,was with a friend and they came over...'
'what kinda person is she?'
'hmmm,you'll have to figure that one out yourself,i can't really say'
'you are hopeless...'she said,now out she leant her hand against the door panel and waited for eve to take it all in.
'wow...i have to say,the waiting was worth it,you look beautiful...' eve said feeling alittle mushy at how much she loved this woman.
'thank you..' dana blushed
She had finally decided on a short black dress that curved perfectly to her body and black pumps,it was so simple yet so stunning.
'i should be lucky to bring you back home tonight' she said jokingly.
'you are silly', dana Smiled shyly.

The evening went very well,they ate at a sushi place called fish and more and washed it all down with a light pinotage, which they drink later into the evening.
Everyone was charmed by hina,who seemed to be very taken with dana - a fact that didn't win her any points from eve or bleh for that matter, but they all brushed it off good naturedly and made light of the constant looks she kept throwing her way.

When the evening drew to a close,bleh did find herself enroute to hina's place,which was much closer than hers anyway.
What they felt for eachother was still very puzzling,they simply flowed with the fact that talking to eachother was very pleasant and they enjoyed eachother's sense of humour immensely.
Plus,bleh couldn't help but wonder how hina's lips tasted like,nor hina if bleh was as sensual as she gave off.
They hardly talked about spending the night together,it simply happened and their only part in destiny was letting it.


It's a small world.

'so,what's new then...who are is keeping you so busy this time round?'
Eve was chilling with her friend who never seemed to make up her mind with she was straight,lesbian or bisexual - tina.
'i think am done with women,i need a real man,tired of playing around' tina said promptily.
'iv heard that one before', eve said laughing.
'am serious this time', tina said with a serious face, women have no idea what they want.
'you think men are any different?'.
'i have no idea,but they can't be as confused,take for example this bitch iv been flirting with,i thought we were getting somewhere next she tells me she has a fiance only to call me the other night saying she wants to spend the night,what shit is that?'.
Tina finished looking as angry as she sounded.
'i think you just pick them wrong,told you to stay away from plastic girls' eve couldn't help laughing at her friend.
'but what is it that i do wrong???,i don't get it' tina's frustration was clear.
'i wish i knew my friend'.
They sat in eve's tiny lounge sipping on cheap wine,the sunday was going well,dana was asleep in the bedroom.

'remember the chick i was crazy about afew months back?'

'Yea,i remember you were heartbroken for months when she left her woman and started dating what's her name,how are they doing?

'Good apparently,they are so in love it's disgusting,she broke my poor heart'. Tina said with a pout.

eve laughed at that,' stop hating woman,jealousy makes you nasty'.

'Am not jealous,am so over that bitch.
Anyway,the chick she was dating before was cheating with another chick right?'

'Yea',eve said conversationally.

'Well,that chick she was cheating with,happened to be the gf of the friend of the object of my desire and they were always hanging out together in fours unbeknowst which serves her just right, this is just sweet',tina laughed a sweet evil laugh.

eve joined in,shaking her head.
'anyway,that isn't the best part, the two are now officially dating after breaking up with both of them but the other day when the ex object of my desire was with her woman and they met them,the chick was looking at the new woman of her ex like she wanted a piece of her,and she had her gf their too,how wicked is that??'.

eve was now in stitches,'i told you,you hang with the wrong crowd!'.
Tina threw a pillow at her.



'i miss you...' nto said over the phone to eve.
'i miss you too...'
'can i come over sometime, there is something about those fingers i want to explore alittle further...'
Eve laughed,remembering their lovemaking and feeling a tingle in her vagina.
Nto had been good,her small body moving so smoothly over eve,her soft moans and whispers in her ear.
'Dana is here alot lately so it's alittle tricky...' she replied carefully.
'how bout you come over then?, am all alone today'
Eve considered it for awhile,things had been very good with dana these past weeks and she had gotten over her resentment but still,some naughty part of her still wanted to take whatever nto had to offer.

'give me afew hours and i'll be there' she finally said,deciding to ride on the fast lane abit.
It was friday morning.
'what time do you think you'll be here exactly?' the excitement in nto's voice made her smile.
'one-ish i think,or there abouts'.
'ok...i can't wait to see you!'
'me neither' eve said thoughtfully.

Another call was coming through so she hang up on nto after a quick bye.
'hey you', bleh sounded cheerful on the other end.
'hey,how you doing?'.
'am good,hey i was thinking'
'that's scary' eve teased.
'you suck', bleh laughed,' anyway,you up for a double date tomorrow night?'.
'who you coming with?'
'who else,hina ofcourse' bleh responded impatiently.
'oooooh,i see my cupid antics are paying off' eve said happy.
'uhmm,i don't know,we just taking it slow,so i can't be sure' bleh said uncertainly.
'ugh man,give the girl a break, i'll ask dana and get back to you on the date thing k'
'sure, what are you up to today,lucky bugger getting all this time off!'.
'hmmm,abit of this and that' eve was evasive.
'i hope you are not up to any naughty business woman!', bleh cautioned.
'you worry too much', eve laughed alittle uneasy and they ended the call shortly...


A day in a lesbian's life: opposites attract.

A day in a lesbian's life: opposites attract.: "The more bleh and hina got to know eachother,the more they realised how totally different they were. Where bleh loved blue,hina thought oran..."

opposites attract.

The more bleh and hina got to know eachother,the more they realised how totally different they were.
Where bleh loved blue,hina thought orange was bright and beautiful,
If hina thought commitment was essential,bleh thought it was a waste of time and life was too short to surely spend on just one individual.

Still,they enjoyed eachother's dry humour and cynicism,wit and intelligence,they could talk about any subject comfortably and informatively.

What was so similar about the two, and they probably didnot realise was their need for love even when they fought so hard to keep it at arms length,their inability to get to the heart of the matter,even when they could talk about nothing in particular all day intelligently.
They had both mastered the art of distance,the science of nonchalance.

Eve lay in bed and watched dana get ready,she didn't start work until next week.
She loved to see her do her morning rituals,from the bathroom - naked,doing her ironing.
In her underwear,tidying her hair,it always turned her on.
When dana was finally done,having a few minutes on her hands,she thought she might make something to eat,eve sat up and stretched,the sheets fell off,revealing her perfect small breats,she looked so touseled and cute.
She got out languidly and naked,made it to the kitchenette and wrapped her arms around dana from the back,
'you smell so good' she said,licking her neck.
'thanx baby..' dana gave alittle moan.
Eve started to rub her breasts outside her shirt,
'mmh-uh babe...' dana wasn't convincing.
Eve slide an arm under the shirt and cupped a bra-ed breast.
'baby...' dana tried again as threw her head back with pleasure.
A few minutes later,dana's clothes were nicely placed on a chair and they made love quickly.
'you are bad for me,am going to be late!'
'Shhhh' was all eve said.