Suspicious minds

'Babe...' the tone of dana's voice made eve sit up straight in bed.
'what's the deal with nto?' her question sounded nonchalant but eve wasn't fooled.
'what do you mean?' she took the lotion dana passed over to her and rubbing some into her hands,massaged it onto dana's bare back.

'mmmh',dana purred,'i think she likes you',she continued in the same tone of voice.
'you do?' eve swallowed hard,trying to hide how freaked out she was.
'whatever gave you that idea',she now massaged dana's shoulder blades.
'call it intuition...i actually think it's more than that,i think she is hopelessly in love with you', dana finished and turned around,looking
directly into eve's eyes,

Eve reached over and brushed a few locks off her face.
'i think you are seeing things',she smiled.
'oh come on,don't tell me you haven't noticed!',dana was now searching eve's face.
'ok..fine,i suspected she had the tiniest crush on me but love,baby? nah!'.
'iv never been wrong and i can smell a woman in love a mile away...'
'supposing she was or did like me,it's her problem right,i can't possibly help that..' eve wanted this topic closed but didn't want to get dana anymore suspicious so she played

'hmmm,true...do you feel anything for her?'
The question was so unexpected that eve gasped softly.
'well?' dana wasn't letting it go.
Eve held her face gently between her palms,' dana...you are the only woman for me...don't you know that?'

Dana noticed that eve hadn't answered her question and thoughtfully leaned over and kissed her partner.
All Eve could think about was that the thing with nto had to end asap.


Taking chances

Eve daring antics taken to a higher level,how long can she keep this up without it biting back...

Taking chances

Eve stepped into the small bathroom to wash her hands,she had been busy at the braai the entire evening and all was ready to eat.
music played loudly in the lounge,as everyone drank and talked at the top of their voices,wanting to be heard yet not listening to one another, it was a good evening.
Afew minutes later,nto opened the door,
'oh...am sorry,thought no one was in here'.
'it's ok,i'll just be afew seconds'.
But nto got in anyway.
They exchanged a meaningful look and eve put her finger to her lips,indicating for her not to make a sound.
They kissed,stolen and sweet and oh so dangerous seeing as dana was a few feet away.
Eve slipped out alittle while later, guilt written all over her face and was glad that they were all too engrossed in the talking to notice her.
She reached for her glass of wine and joined dana on the floor.
'having a good time?' dana asked innocently.
'mmmh-uh',eve granted and swallowed hard.
'i still don't know to what i owe this party in my honour though'
'yes, we all are alittle curious dana, what's the occasion?' nto put in, she stop by the threshold
'can't i just spoil my baby without my motives being questioned?' Dana said,playfully lacing her fingers through eve's.
eve looked unconvinced so dana continued.
'i just wanted to thank you for being the wonderful person that you are, so sweet,forgiving,understanding...'

'oooooh...thanks babe,too bad i had to do all the cooking ', she teased softly and dana reached over and kissed her,
'stop whining my love,you know you like it,'
'true..too true' eve reached over and hugged her tight,
'i love you for it, and i am the lucky one..',
'i love you,' dana smiled sweetly at her.
Nto stood at the counter now and watched the whole scene,feeling a lump on the throat.
'ok people,get a room already!', she tried to sound unaffected,making everyone laugh and stepping over bleh and hina to sit next to her date, who made room quickly by the sofa.
'you took forever', she said holding her hand.
'i did? I wasn't aware, i hope you don't feel neglected'.
'not anymore, now that you are here'.