Realia...or is it?

Levorna the flower robber mastermind and her mignonnes.

The plan

I thought mignonnes was too cool although slightly off topic.
I know i am giving too much away through the title but i think  it sounds as dangerous as it should.
I have been on a very destructive course of action lately, well Toni’s opinion any way, i think it will go just fine.
Have you seen the flowers this spring/summer? Tempting right? I know... – especially if like me you are planning a wedding on a tight budget.
Just right for the picking, that’s where my mignonnes and i come in – Rowan volunteered a name, i have to say i love that child’s mind, the ideas she comes up with make a mother proud.
Toni will drive the gateaway car, whether i have to tie her to the steering wheel first, screaming and kicking.
She has this funny idea about us getting caught, i think it’s bollocks, the plan is fool proof.
As she waits in the getaway car, Rowan and I will make for the flowers, I will cut as Rowan holds the tissue covered basket.


We will be dressed in black so no one can recognise us.
If the popo come, I will run off in one direction and meet my horse at the corner - another one of Rowan's smart ideas - as she makes for the car and the two of them get away, either that or she stands around looking lost and mumbles something about an early Halloween costume try out.
Rowan thinks i should go to gym and get my running up to speed – so to write, i already know how i should run away however, it’s very funny, i wish i could show you but picture a happy but slightly deranged trot/canter.
Oh i think i left out the laugh, as i trot/canter away, i will laugh my evil laugh, goes something like this – ahaha-ahahaha-ahahahaha-ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - cough cough, with standard evil glint in eyes.
We were thinking about the News Headlines – see we’ve thought of everything, not only will we score free flowers, we will also acquire fame while doing it.
"Gang of two and a half women/men and girl/boy/alien/thing – they won’t be able to tell coz we will be entirely in black – terrorises joburg gardens/parks. All shouldn’t panic however as they seem to only be targeting white roses"  – they will go on to give details of how we operate.

What could go wrong

Rowan finds the whole plan exciting and scary at the same time and thinks her mastermind mother is too awesome.
Toni’s every concern is that i will get caught and chucked in jail and won’t make it out in time for the wedding...she worries too much.
I think if it comes to that , we can talk to the warden about a wedding there – duno how our friends will feel about that but it will surely separate the chaff from the real deal if nothing else – so there’s absolutely zilch to worry about.