A day.

Eve couldn't concentrate on work today,no matter how hard she tried.
She fought the urge to pick up the phone and call A, literally pulling her hand back.

She had left yesterday in anger, as soon as they had walked through the door,neither willing to break the silence.

Eve had thrown a tantrum when as she looked up from an intent inspection of a pair of ankle length boots,she sought A out only to find her flirting with some guy.

A looked back and smiled,oblivious to eve's jealousy and got confused when eve just put the boots back carefully and walked out,ending their much anticipated day of shopping that had only just begun.

A had followed,wanting to know what was going on,but on reaching eve,she had been interupted mid-word but a hissed,'are you coming or would you rather go home with him?'

They hadn't exchanged another word on their way to A's place afterthat,eve feeling abit silly but not willing to analyse why,she wasn't going to justify her unreasonable jealousy,'if she felt it she felt it and that was that',she thought,setting her mouth sturbornly and for the rest of the drive determinedly looking out of her window.
A kept sighing and throwing her miserable looks that she pretended not to notice but was very aware of.

She had thrown her things in her overnight bag and left a confused A even more confused when she walked out with an angry ,'good day'.

A hadn't replied,which would have been useless anyway since eve had closed the door on her words.

Much as eve felt she was pushing the whole jealousy thing abit too far,she still felt unable to call and apologise,knowing that perhaps she had been waiting for that very moment all this time,when A would exchange any form of communication that bordered on civil with any man, for her to pass Her sentence.
She sighed miserably and tried to go back to work unsuccessfully,putting the phone call off once more.


'this tastes almost as good as you look',dana said,giving eve a long slow look as she licked the bar one chocolate milkshake off her lips.
They were sitted in a booth at panarotti's.

'you are too sweet',eve smiled shyly.

'am just stating a fact,you look ravishing....-am glad you made it,it was such short notice...'

'a good thing i had the day off,i wanted to see you today too,talk..'eve felt her stomach twist,she didn't like being the bearer of bad news.

'yes,me too..i feel we need to clear up afew things, like the chemistry i feel we share..'

'i know.. That's what i wanted to talk about', she nervously pushed her hair away from her eyes,
'i ummm, she is called A' eve blurted out, '.. it just came on and kinda hit me when i wasn't looking, i think am inlove with her...'
she trailed off uncomfortably and stole a peek at dana's face.

Dana reached a hand out and held eve's hand, ' it's ok, am glad you told me.. I do believe you led me on just a little bit back there though?'.

Eve smiled embarrased,' i know, and am so sorry, you are a great person and you deserved better treatment..i was just so confused'.

'it's ok, wrong timing..i was just a nick too late,' dana smiled self mockingly and rolled her eyed,they both laughed.

they looked at eachother for a very long minute,each thinking there own thoughts.

'we can be friends though right?', dana asked, unsure.

'of course, i didn't want to push it,i'd like that alot, thank you for being so understanding..'.eve squeezed dana's hand gently and let it go.

'which teams are playing today..,want to watch alittle soccer with me today friend?,' dana put into the silence that followed and they went on to discuss the soccer...

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A night

Eve watched the outline of A's face framed by the moonlight,she wanted so much to reach out and cup her cheek in her palm but refrained from it because she didn't want to disturb what looked like a very beautiful sleep.
How so lovely she looked with her face so serene..
She turned on her back and watched the silent sky through the flimsy curtain,the night lights made star watching close to impossible but it was ok,she only wished to lay there and breathe softly,she childishly timed the rhythm of her heart to match that of A's.

Since saturday night,she had only gone back to her place to change clothes and pack some toiletry,they both couldn't get enough of eachother,she felt like she was losing her mind.
She thought back to saturday night and felt a stirring in her vagina,it had been so perfect,A had suggested she come over and they do a movie marathon,eve had rented the movies and A microwaved the popcorn.Snuggled on the couch,they had done very little watching and lots and lots of touching,eve had let A take the lead for she still didn't know the sensibility of what she was doing,she let herself be taken on the wave that then engulfed them both.

A's nipple in her mouth,oh so sweet,her hands down her back,rubbing,kneading,nails softly running down to her ass,squeezing tight..
A's mouth on her,licking ever so gently,sucking hard and then fast and then slow,her tongue dipping in and out of her,her moans coupled with A's till they were a crescendo and both of them breathing so hard had collapsed on the couch in a sweaty heap..

They had been at it all weekend and tonight hadn't been any different,she hadn't wanted anyone this much in a long time,and yet she still remained confused and scared.

She still chatted with dana and felt really bad for leading her on but felt like she needed some sort of surety,she was hoping this whole madness with A was only an infatuation that she would soon get over but even as she thought it,she knew she was lying to herself.

A stirred and reached for her,wrapping a very warm arm across her stomach and cupping her breast and a leg over her thigh,she purred contentedly and slept on,eve kissed her forehead and buried her face in her neck and breathed and later,much later,fell asleep.


A day

This day wasn't going very well for eve,not at all. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed,whoever first said that must have had one exactly similar to this.

She'd woken up with the mother of colds coming on, her throat was so scratchy she cd have sworn she had sand for dinner last night.
Which led her to wasting time in bed feeling sorry for herself and being late for work,the traffic was a nightmare! And why was it that when you needed them to be the dumbasses everyone knew and loved,taxi drivers got all law abiding on you??

She cd hardly contain her anger when the taxi stopped at yet another orange light,she gritted her teeth and forced back an insult,what was wrong with this man? Hadn't he attended the same rude,careless and madness classes that all taxi drivers attend?!,to make matters worse,the man next to her was giving her lecherous looks she didn't care very much for,and that thigh he kept rubbing against hers was totally uncalled for!.

It had been with an angry creased forehead that she had rushed into work to find her boss waiting impatiently,
'Right,How much more worse cd a morning get?' she thought and trugded in,she was soon to find out.

Apparently a client had come complaining about her homosexuality-saying she never wanted to be attended to by 'one of those ppl again'

She wanted to tell her boss to tell the client what to do with her middle finger but checked herself just in time..it was obviously going to be along day,she thought miserably..


A day

'hey' bleh wrote and sent a rose.

'hey stranger,where did you go?', eve sent a kiss.

'been around,it's you with the busy life,am married,it gets dull',bleh wrote,with the rolling eyes emoticon.

'lol,you know you love being married,how's wifey?',eve sent a smile.

'she is good,yea i love being married to her hot ass,i shdn't complain..,
how's everything with 'you know who'?',bleh smiled back.

'we had lunch yesterday,and a movie sunday..',eve sent a cheeky smile.

'ooooh,you've been busy little miss..i like,give me dirty details ASAP!'.

'it was awesome,laughing with her over the movie and shovelling buckets of popcorn in our mouths,we later had coffee and sat talking for ages..'
'i like her..but am confused,i met someone else saturday,at the picnic remember? We're supposed to hook up again sometime this week..she is hot!! And gay..'eve finished with a thinking face.

'I had such a great time with her,we walked and talked and laughed and talked some more,she is so funny and smart and and,gosh!'

Bleh sent a thinking face..
'hectic situation you got there,someone's na get burnt..'

'i know,but i don't want to make rush decisions and i like them both,damn! What to do????' with creased brows.

'Brb',bleh wrote and was gone for about ten minutes.
'sorry bout that,duty...' bleh wrote when she got back.

'it's cool',eve replied with a smile.

'i duno what you shd do either,who do you like most?'
'hmmm,A..iv known her longer and all,but you know the trouble with her..'

'yea',bleh was thinking
'you cd always turn her lesbian,it has happened before',bleh finished with a grin.

'you know that's not my game man,i don't wana be looking over my shoulder at every turn,nope!' eve ended with a sick face.

'so why don't you end it then?'

'coz i like her,coz am greedy like that,hehehe,i know i enjoy her company..daing what a mess!!'

'you can say that again..'

'eish,gota go babes,later ya?'eve wrote and logged off.
'later',bleh wrote promptily.



An hour was all she had before she had to rush back to work.
She had dressed carefully for the day,a bright red long sweater,black patent shin length boots and navy blue skinny jeans. She had to admit,she looked hot.
Her long locks were tied up in a bun with a few loose ones framing her face.
They had agreed on a macdonalds,Eve stepped out of the taxi and half run the rest of the way there,she was alittle late,A was seated and immediately got up,they exchanged a tight hug and took their seats,proceeding to look at eachother for an eternally long moment,which was broken by A,
'what are you going to have?'.she smiled softly,looking so radiant.

'i duno,i'll just have whatever you are having,how's that?' eve cdn't string two coherent thoughts together,let alone decide what to eat,the sight of A was leaving her curiously unsettled.


A day

Eve was having a crazy morning at work,and to top it off,she had 3 women to chat to,
'oh the life of the famous',she thought,giggling naughtyly to herself.

Dana was raving about how much fun she'd had with her,and that now she'd seen her,she cdn't get her out of her head. She told her all this in a long inbox that left eve feeling very elated,she'd liked dana too,she was such an interesting person,she had the nicest laugh and it came so easily.hmmm

A cdn't wait to see her again,
'can we have lunch together sometime soon?', She wrote,'i just can't see to get enough of your face..or you..
Eve was beginning to get scared about A,for starters,A seemed to be falling for her real hard,feelings eve wasn't entirely immune to, she felt selfish for encouraging her but she did like it,gosh!
And She did want to have that lunch with her too and she told her as much in the reply.

'Do you have a girl friend? Or love interest for that matter',nto asked and eve laughed to herself.

'You cd say that',she replied,'i don't really have a girlfriend..,but love interest(s)....,yes,that/those i do have.you?

'I don't have a girlfriend either',nto wrote back,'but there is someone i think i kinda like...'

'Why don't you have one?'
Eve was genuinely curious,nto seemed such a fascinating person,and her pictures looked great.

'Lol,i duno,i haven't met anyone i like who likes me i guess..
I did like someone,but i was too chicken to tell her,so yea'..nto finished off vagely

'ok..,it's never easy to find someone to like is it?',eve replied,thinking once you did find someone though,the they all came flooding to you.

'no,it's not..,and once you do find that person,then they are probably taken or you can't tell them coz you are scared of rejection and spoiling whatever friendship you feel is there..'nto felt she had gone alittle too far with that narrative,she didn't want to scare eve away with any confessions just yet.

She cdn't explain what drew her to this woman,she hadn't felt this way about anyone in a long time.
She hoped..hoped so badly..


A day after the weekend.

It is true what they say,when it rains,it pours. What a weekend eve had had!
First she was single,bored and contemplating the life of a nun and now,she had three women who all wanted her....how had it all twisted around to this?
'Life could be so entertaining!', She thought musingly to herself,one had to laugh or they'd be driven to madness.
It had all started saturday morning when she'd gone for the picnic with the chic she hardly knew from the internet,the whole affair had been amazing,dana,for she'd learnt that was her name was quite beautiful and interesting,they'd hit it off,the hours had just flown by without either of them noticing,till it was time to leave,what seemed like 5 minutes later but had indeed been over 6hours.
They'd both been loathe to part just yet but promised to keep intouch and meet again before the week was over.
The picnic in itself had been much fun,she'd met a few people she'd only ever chat with on the internet and they had all been as interesting in person as they had been virtually.
They had bbq-ed some meat and most everyone had brought along some alcohol,which helped loosen tongues and erase the tension and shyness that had ruled in the beginning.
They'd later played some games,and she had taken a walk with dana,watching her take side ways glances and her and smiling shyly when caught in the act.

From there she'd rushed over to A's place,they were supposed to catch a movie together,they'd watched 'sex and the city 2' and enjoyed themselves enormously,later they'd sat at a cafe for ages just talking and getting to know eachother alittle more and drinking endless cups of mocha lattes,blushing over melting marsh mellows and exchanging current charged looks.
That too had gone perfectly,A was so funny and witty and interesting.
Eve was now torn between the two,who to choose between dana and A???,she decided to go with the flow and not burn any bridges just yet,she'd sit back and enjoy this ride and hope it didn't all backfire in her face.

Lastly,her friendship with nto was blooming ever so gently,the more she learnt about the woman,the more interested she became to learn even more,they seemed to gel so well,she'd bet her left tit that nto just like dana and A,wanted her,she'd never been wrong reading anyone before and she doubted she was now,hmmmmm,what an amusing turn of events..
She didn't know who she wd take yet but dana had the aces in this one with nto following closely behind,much as she liked A,the whole straight girl thing put her off so much she couldn't see herself getting over it,hmmm..
She wd have to wait and see,only thing she knew was that she wasn't going to make any hasty decisions just yet and hoped she wdn't end up on her own again, she smiled a secret smile and went to work on the pile that was growing on her desk with renewed vigour,it felt so good being wanted!


A day in a lesbian's life: The day before

A day in a lesbian's life: The day before

The day before

'So how did it go then?',bleh who was possibly eve's oldest friend,that she yet again hadn't ever met,asked.
Eve wondered what people did before the internet,you had to love it.
Knowing people who were physically close to you was all good but it was also very limiting and claustrophobic,the internet presented the world to you on a platter and you cd get to befriend anyone from anywhere.Mostly with friends all one needed was someone to connect with anyway,yes,it wd be nice to go to the movies together and hug them sometimes but whoever had of one having one's cake and eating it too?
Eve lay on her back with the lights off,it was almost midnight.
'urg,nothing happened man,you know how nervous i get,i just froze!'
Bleh sent eve a laughing emoticon,
'come dude,you gota stop being so geeky,you gota take charge,girls love that,especially straight ones coz they're used to it'

'I know man,don't you think i know that???,all i did was just keep gaping at her,so uncool!!!'

'hmmm,you like this girl alot,don't you?' bleh concluded the sentence with a thinking emoticon.

'duh,why you telling me what i know?' eve concluded with an angry one.

'don't be a smart ass,and her being straight?'

'i don know hey,crap,i don't have all the answers,but how straight can she be if she is into me?'
now eve was the one thinking.

'you know what they say,they are only straight till they get wet,just like spaghetti' she added the grinning dude,bleh always had some dumb saying going.

'hehe,true dat,anyway,we're both just having some fun,no harm in that'

'yea right,i don't want you coming here teary eyed coz she likes some dude sometime'

'let's worry bout that when we get to it k?,right now all i know is that i like her and she likes me..'

'ok then', bleh wasn't one to overly lecture,'whatever makes you happy,
so when are you seeing her again?'

'saturday,eish,and am so nervous,ima probably have a mental break down before then,tjo!'

'nah,you'll be fine,this time when she's busy getting you a drink,walk up to her and take it from there,sex is so awesome on the kitchen counter' she was laughing at her,with five emoticons of the grinning guy.

'whatever dude,we both know wifey is the one that takes charge so don't be pretending to be all hardcore with me,mxm,i don't buy it'.

Wifey was bleh's gf that they just called that coz she and bleh had been together since forever,bleh wished the same for her friend,eve deserved to find a good woman coz she was such a good person,weird how being good didn't always pay.

'don't be a smartass' bleh sent her a nerdy emoticon,
Eve sent one with rolling eyes.
They said goodnight,they both had to be up early tomorrow.
Eve looked over nto's profile before she turned in and thought that perhaps she shdn't be so abrapt with her afterall,nto seemed like a very interesting person from the little that she let on there,what caught eve's eye was her interest in photography,she found photographers and any artistic sorts so sexy.


A day

There were 2 new inboxes for eve that morning,she excitedly went straight to read them before she even made her morning cup of coffee,the one from nto she glanced over quickly,not really interested,nto was on about she liked eve's pictures and she wanted to get to know her coz eve sounded very interesting from her profile. Eve remembered she hadn't even looked at nto's profile and wrote a distracted reply saying thanx and she'd love that too,she made a mental note to look at nto's profile later.
She opened A's inbox with shaky fingers, and read it with mounting excitement and the biggest of silly grins on her face,a collegeau said something about what was she reading that was making her smile that broadly and she just shrugged,too dazed to answer.
A had liked being with her too! Was all she kept thinking,it was written right there,in the inbox,she hadn't wanted it to end and she regretted not having asked for another hug,she cdn't stop thinking about her,she wrote wow!,the inbox went on and on and all that she read was music to her ears,or rather eyes.
She knew A was dangerous territory,being straight and all but just cdn't help herself,that girl was fine! And what was there to worry about,they were just having some fun,right?.


The day after

Eve kept playing the scene at A's place yesterday and wanting to kick herself,she hadn't even given her a peck on the cheek,let alone the passionate kiss she'd been thinking about all day!
What a nerd,she berated herself angrily,maybe she was better off in a nunnery,at the rate she was going,she'd never get to kiss a girl again,let alone get laid,she rolled her eyes at herself mockingly.
She'd got there and A had opened the door after a coupla knocks,
They had just stood there looking at eachother till eve thrust the bunch of flowers she held into A's arms,making the hug that they exchanged after that very awkward,they had both smiled shyly and laughed at how nervous they were but the moment was lost and they had had to enter the house where A had busied herself with arranging the flowers into a vase and eve looked through some of her cd collections.
Now that she'd seen her,she was even more smitten,they had talked and talked and talked till the 3 hours they'd spent together only seemed like 30minutes when eve had to get back home before it got dark,winter days were so much shorter.
They were to meet again on saturday for a movie and coffee,this was wednesday,eve thought she'd lose her mind before saturday got here,she cdn't stop thinking about saturday,maybe then she wdn't be so stupid,
When she'd gotten up to go,she'd seen the disappointment in A's eyes but was just to chicken to reach out and kiss her,so they'd only hugged tightly,both clinging on longer and she'd left,feeling like she wd faint anytime before she got home and lay down.


Another day

Eve thought her stomach wd probably burst open to release the butterflies that wdn't stop fluttering about,she made to hug the flowers that she'd bought for A but stopped herself just in time,they'd probaby get crushed,she told herself to breathe evenly and tried to think of anything that wd calm her,it didn't work.
finally the taxi was there and she mouthed a thank you to the driver and got out,and almost called it back! Her knees were shaky...