An hour was all she had before she had to rush back to work.
She had dressed carefully for the day,a bright red long sweater,black patent shin length boots and navy blue skinny jeans. She had to admit,she looked hot.
Her long locks were tied up in a bun with a few loose ones framing her face.
They had agreed on a macdonalds,Eve stepped out of the taxi and half run the rest of the way there,she was alittle late,A was seated and immediately got up,they exchanged a tight hug and took their seats,proceeding to look at eachother for an eternally long moment,which was broken by A,
'what are you going to have?'.she smiled softly,looking so radiant.

'i duno,i'll just have whatever you are having,how's that?' eve cdn't string two coherent thoughts together,let alone decide what to eat,the sight of A was leaving her curiously unsettled.
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