A night

Eve watched the outline of A's face framed by the moonlight,she wanted so much to reach out and cup her cheek in her palm but refrained from it because she didn't want to disturb what looked like a very beautiful sleep.
How so lovely she looked with her face so serene..
She turned on her back and watched the silent sky through the flimsy curtain,the night lights made star watching close to impossible but it was ok,she only wished to lay there and breathe softly,she childishly timed the rhythm of her heart to match that of A's.

Since saturday night,she had only gone back to her place to change clothes and pack some toiletry,they both couldn't get enough of eachother,she felt like she was losing her mind.
She thought back to saturday night and felt a stirring in her vagina,it had been so perfect,A had suggested she come over and they do a movie marathon,eve had rented the movies and A microwaved the popcorn.Snuggled on the couch,they had done very little watching and lots and lots of touching,eve had let A take the lead for she still didn't know the sensibility of what she was doing,she let herself be taken on the wave that then engulfed them both.

A's nipple in her mouth,oh so sweet,her hands down her back,rubbing,kneading,nails softly running down to her ass,squeezing tight..
A's mouth on her,licking ever so gently,sucking hard and then fast and then slow,her tongue dipping in and out of her,her moans coupled with A's till they were a crescendo and both of them breathing so hard had collapsed on the couch in a sweaty heap..

They had been at it all weekend and tonight hadn't been any different,she hadn't wanted anyone this much in a long time,and yet she still remained confused and scared.

She still chatted with dana and felt really bad for leading her on but felt like she needed some sort of surety,she was hoping this whole madness with A was only an infatuation that she would soon get over but even as she thought it,she knew she was lying to herself.

A stirred and reached for her,wrapping a very warm arm across her stomach and cupping her breast and a leg over her thigh,she purred contentedly and slept on,eve kissed her forehead and buried her face in her neck and breathed and later,much later,fell asleep.
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