A day

Eve was having a crazy morning at work,and to top it off,she had 3 women to chat to,
'oh the life of the famous',she thought,giggling naughtyly to herself.

Dana was raving about how much fun she'd had with her,and that now she'd seen her,she cdn't get her out of her head. She told her all this in a long inbox that left eve feeling very elated,she'd liked dana too,she was such an interesting person,she had the nicest laugh and it came so easily.hmmm

A cdn't wait to see her again,
'can we have lunch together sometime soon?', She wrote,'i just can't see to get enough of your face..or you..
Eve was beginning to get scared about A,for starters,A seemed to be falling for her real hard,feelings eve wasn't entirely immune to, she felt selfish for encouraging her but she did like it,gosh!
And She did want to have that lunch with her too and she told her as much in the reply.

'Do you have a girl friend? Or love interest for that matter',nto asked and eve laughed to herself.

'You cd say that',she replied,'i don't really have a girlfriend..,but love interest(s)....,yes,that/those i do have.you?

'I don't have a girlfriend either',nto wrote back,'but there is someone i think i kinda like...'

'Why don't you have one?'
Eve was genuinely curious,nto seemed such a fascinating person,and her pictures looked great.

'Lol,i duno,i haven't met anyone i like who likes me i guess..
I did like someone,but i was too chicken to tell her,so yea'..nto finished off vagely

'ok..,it's never easy to find someone to like is it?',eve replied,thinking once you did find someone though,the they all came flooding to you.

'no,it's not..,and once you do find that person,then they are probably taken or you can't tell them coz you are scared of rejection and spoiling whatever friendship you feel is there..'nto felt she had gone alittle too far with that narrative,she didn't want to scare eve away with any confessions just yet.

She cdn't explain what drew her to this woman,she hadn't felt this way about anyone in a long time.
She hoped..hoped so badly..
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