blossoming romance

Mojo looked every bit as distressed as she felt and sounded.
'i don't think you understand Bleh,' she put forth with emotion,' she is perfect, I simply have to get her!'

She had ran to Bleh's work as soon as the date was over and commenced on pouring her heart out.
'how come this is the first am hearing about this supernatural individual?', Bleh retaliated in an accusatory tone.
Mojo blushed,' I just didn't want to make a big deal of it in case she wasn't my type, there's just been so many..., but that is neither here nor there, help me, what do I do!?'

'have you two talked since you met?' Bleh tried to make sense of it.
'yes, we haven't stopped chatting since then. But it could be because she feels sorry for me', she dramatically rested her head in her palms and breathed deeply.
Something that was so unlike the cool and always collected mojo bleh knew.
'there is something about her Bleh, she is simply perfect'
'yes, you said that before' Bleh said sarcastically and mojo gave her a killer eye.
'what about her drew you so strongly?'
' could have been everything and nothing really, I think it's simply connection, chemistry, that typa crazy stuff, could have also been because she is gorgeous and has the most incredible laugh, or maybe it's because she is extremely smart - you know I can't resist those...'
'hmmm and it's pretty clear you can't resist her' Bleh stated obviously.
'duh!' was all mojo said in answer.

'when are you seeing her again?'

'next week',mojo said with impatience ,'it seems too far, am thinking that I Shd make sunday possible, although duty calls, I can make it happen with a little arm twisting here and there'.

Sunday did happen.


mojo finds her mojo

And it looked like mojo might not have long to wait. After going on several dates that ended very badly ; linda was a gold digger, or atleast mojo gathered after she asked her what work she did and how much it paid for the 10th time in the 30 minutes they'd spent together having coffee at bugattis . She left feeling very discouraged, linda was very hot unfortunately. Lihle was too loud, mojo kept blushing profusely as all the other occupants of spur kept staring at them because their conversation seemed open to the general public, she couldn't wait to rush off to work and breathed a sigh of relief when the clock finally ticked a blessed 2:45. she made for the door with promises of calling and setting up another date that she very well knew wouldn't happen. Kate had bad breath. Lee- ann had bad teeth and was squint eyed. The list was endless. Dana and eve advised that perhaps she was being alittle too judgemental and too fussy, the search for a mate was a tricky one. She was adamant that she would finally find someone who would leave her heart pounding for extra oxygen. Five weeks down the line she finally did. After chatting for some time, they finally decided to meet,tan was tall and spotted a ponytail, faded denims, a leather jacket, black boots and smoked like a chimney, coffee it was, they sat in news cafe and the two hours passed all too quickly, they laughed endlessly and had discussions about life and homosexuality and life as a homosexual and religion and the stars, the moon and the grass by the road side.
It was only when they decided to leave that it dawned on both of them that they needed to see eachother again.