A day in a lesbian's life: moving on 3

A day in a lesbian's life: moving on 3

moving on 3

They had both just ignored the kiss after that, dana fearing any further rejection and eve just stalling, she knew she was ready but didn’t know what was holding her back.

Dana was a beautiful girl, if she didn’t snap out of it soon, she wasn’t going to stay around drooling after her much longer, this eve understood and wouldn’t blame her either but still she stalled.

It was dana who took the matters in her own hands once more and invited eve over for dinner, she made a smoked mussel salad and eve brought a light rose to wash it all down.

Dana had gone all out, candles adorned the little room she sat, slept and ate in, a sprinkling of pink roses lay in a small glass bowl filled with water on the worn out table.

They sat on the floor, the salad was delicious.

‘ using raw spinach was daring but this is really good’, eve said between mouthfuls.

‘I love raw spinach, I stumbled upon my like for it one day when I was too lazy to cook, since then, I haven’t looked back’

‘eureka!’ a smiling eve said, raising her glass.

‘and thus is how most great discoveries are made’.

‘perhaps you will become famous and very rich?’ eve chided.

‘ and I will owe it all to the love of raw spinach’, dana smiled softly.

The evening was a dream.

‘is it not healthier to cook it though?’

‘either way, it is good, there are benefits to eating it raw or cooking it, whichever rocks your boat I suppose’,

‘is spinach your best friend aswell? You seem to know quite a lot about her?’ eve couldn’t help teasing and they both laughed.

‘you never answered my question’ dana changed the topic suddenly, looking serious.

‘and what question could that have been?’ eve already knew.

Dana simply raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

Eve still played dumb, they cleared the dishes awhile later and settled on the one couch in the room.

‘you cold?’, dana asked as she spread the orange wrap on their legs

‘just a little bit’, the atmosphere had gotten very static all of a sudden.

‘we broke up some time back- it was over almost before it began, and no, I don’t really want to talk about it’. Dana’s face looking into eve’s was unreadable.

Eve reached over and very softly ran her thumb along dana’s jaw, tracing her lips as she went, which dana then opened and very gently sucked it in, her lips moved in slow motion, their look not for a second breaking.


A day in a lesbian's life: moving on 2

A day in a lesbian's life: moving on 2

moving on 2

They both changed into their skates quietly, eve had dragged a protesting dana to the rink, her cries of being unable to skate falling on unheeding ears.

‘There is a first time for everything’, eve had told her sternly, ‘you can’t forever live in fear and caution’.

‘ I still think this isn’t a good idea’, dana put out her last attempt at trying to get out of the dangerous predicament that lay ahead.

‘we will have a good time, now will you relax already?’ eve was having none of it.

‘ok, ok but if I break any bones you are entirely to blame’

‘the only thing that will be broken is your virginity- on the ice that is cause I know you are definitely no virgin’ eve dodged the playful punch that dana threw at her for that, they both laughed.

‘trust me, you will enjoy it.. now relax, ok?’, eve now seriously said to dana, when their eyes met

‘ok’, unable to hold the look, dana busied herself with buckling up her skates.

Eve still hadn’t told dana about her break up with A, she felt the time wasn’t right yet but perhaps today she would, dana looked beautiful as always, in a light grey sweatshirt that clang easily to her very subtle curves, navy blue skinny pants now tucked in her skates hugged her cute ass so tightly.

‘are you done?’ dana interrupted eve’s appraisal laughingly, eve blushed and raked her fingers through her locks.

‘ how is A, all good?’ dana tried to make the question as light as she could.

‘want to go in now?’ eve dodged it by asking.

Seconds later, Dana was fighting to stay on her feet as eve fought to control her giggles.

Eve finally gathered her unstable limbs and they leaned on the wall, dana feeling very flustered and off balance.

Eve showed her a trick with her skates that would help her stay on her feet and they started again, much slower now, dana holding on to eve and the wall for dear life, a litany of how she couldn’t do it and eve insisting that she most certainly could.

They were thus engaged and never knew where the kid appeared, flying on his blades at the speed of lightening, next moment they and several other people were entangled in the fall he created, eve finding herself firmly placed on dana’s front section, trapping her underneath.

Next she knew, dana had her arms around her neck, pulling her face closer and closer to her own, their very cold lips met and warmed up in seconds, they were oblivious to the stares all around and the cheers, teenage boys sniggered and catcalled, others whistling mischieviously.

Moms protectively shielded the young ones’ eyes but their own were firmly rooted to the two women on the floor.


A day in a lesbian's life: misunderstood

A day in a lesbian's life: misunderstood


Eve’s sister aya invited her for dinner Friday night, hinting on the fact that she had a few friends over for her to meet, eve knew from past experience that when aya used that tone of voice, she in most cases was trying to hook her up with one of her numerous male friends that were always dying to date her, aya usually didn’t need much convincing for an introduction to her gorgeous sister from any of them.

Eve hadn’t come out to her family about her sexual orientation but as she always argued-neither had they to her about theirs, so she did not feel any urge to broadcast hers to the world either.

It was very obvious to anyone wanting to be informed that eve’s sexual preference did not lean in any way towards the opposite sex having not dated a man since way back in her very early twenties, and having been a very late bloomer, that meant that she had started dating in her early twenties, tried out men seeing as that seemed to work for most women and was the norm, found that she was definitely not like most women and switched sides- but when it came to her preference, her family was very much not willing to be informed, for them, eve’s very liberal mind-set was a cause for worry and in most cases deep disapproval and embarrassement .

Come Friday night, eve found herself ringing her sister’s doorbell at exactly ten minutes past eight.

The party had already began as she soon discovered when her sister let her in and promptly introduced her to her friend zen who then made it his duty to see to it that she was attended to for every second of the evening.

Zen was a businessman, very well established, his truck for hire enterprise was growing at the rate of a bush fire or so he let on to eve in a not so subtle way , eve wondered where aya found these illegible bachelors she constantly threw at her, she seemed to always have one larking about at every dinner.

Half way through the meal and eve was beginning to regret why she had come, she really needed to tell aya to stop, she stifled another yawn as zen went on about his hobbies In great detail, eve tried not to scream, like who used the word hobby anymore? And why did this man think she cared what his were?

She prepared herself for a very long and extremely dull evening.


A day in a lesbian's life: After the night.

A day in a lesbian's life: After the night.

moving on

They met at the open closet party in Melville, dana looked so stunning, eve checked her out again from the corner of her eye, taking in her shabby afro, long legs in tights and cleavage all in one swift look, she looks good, she thought to herself and smiled, she looked up to find another chic checking her out too, butch, pants up to her ass and chains all over the place, dana felt it and met the chic's look, smiling shyly.

‘what are you going to drink?’ she shouted above the roar of the music, dana seemed not to have heard so she beckoned for her to come closer, in the confusion, their lips met and brushed creating a weird electrified moment, ‘a heineken’ ,dana said into eve’s ear later, her lips brushing it softly

Dana had invited eve to the party, very convincing when eve did not seem keen, they hadn’t had time to hang out since the day at pavarotti’s.
‘what have you been up to?’, eve asked dana when they finally found a quiet corner of the room where they could hear each other talk.
‘work mainly’, dana said, swigging on her beer out of the bottle, eve twirled her gin and tonic around the glass, watching the light play against the liquid.

‘paradise?’, dana raised an eyebrow as she enquired about eve’s love life.
Eve indicated with her hand that it was so-so, dana didn’t push it.
‘want to dance?’, eve said into the silence that ensued and dana nodded, they made it through the tightly packed crowd to the dance floor, which was as tightly packed, this made easy movement very difficult and they constantly bumped against each other, eve finally excused herself and went outside to get some air, she was still feeling a little raw after A.

A guy standing outside asked her if she was a lesbian too as it seemed all the women inside were, she answered affirmatively and he asked how she could be, being so pretty, going ahead to ask her for a threesome with her girlfriend, when she didn’t say anything, he asked if he could at least kiss her, she took the rest of her drink in one long throw and ignoring him went back inside, knowing if she replied, she would get rude.

‘you ok?’, dana asked concerned.
‘couldn’t be better’, eve smiled reassuringly.
She decided to have a good time for the rest of the night.


After the night.

Eve was surprised to find A breaking up with her didn't leave her as sad as she initially thought it would,perhaps she had sub-consciously known it wasn't going to last,she found herself somewhat glad that it was over.

On reaching home,she had ran herself a hot bath with a dash of vanilla flavoured oils,some salts,lit a few candles and continued to relax herself with some wine.
Later her housemate - Angel,had brought home more alcohol and weed,and over great conversation with her house mate's two other friends,they had gone on to knock themselves out.Throwing the complex into a riot as they sang,laughed and got high late into the night.
A few other friends had come over too,courtesy of Angel,who couldn't be trusted with a secret,especially that of a house party-even one which hadn't begun yet.
She remembered telling stories of lesbian sex and if it is any better than straight sex to a very rapt audience,Angel and her friends being as straight as rulers found the whole concept unimaginable, she remembered kissing several people aswell over spin the bottle,giggling endlessly and having more fun than she had in a very long time.

She suspected after she got time to digest everything,she would feel sad eventually,A had been a hot girl afterall,they had had some great moments,and ofcourse the sex had been mind blowing,but eve wasn't one to get stuck in the past,life did go on and hers had definitely not ended yet.


That night

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Eve knocked tentatively at A's door and stepped away. She had come straight from work without calling first and hoped A was home. She impatiently tapped a pump on the tile and looked into the distance after another knock. Far off a crane lifted something off the ground and a car hooted loudly. Finally she heard the sound of footsteps coming towards the door and her heart beat doubled. She suddenly missed A so much and couldn't wait to see her gorgeous smile again,what a fool she had been.
'hey' A stood there,looking so soft and beautiful.
'hey', eve held out a box of guylian belgians,may i come in?'.
A left the door open and walked back inside,'thanx for the chocolates',she said over her shoulder.
'cool'.Eve placed her bag on the chair and joined A in the kitchenette.
'want something to drink?',A asked,busying herself with the kettle at the sink,she filled it and plugged it in.
'no thanx',eve said rubbing her hands nervously along her jeans,
'am sorry', her voice was almost a whisper.
A turned around and they stood there looking at eachother.
'my behaviour was maniacal and am sorry'.eve finished more loudly and ran her fingers roughly through her hair.
The silence from A dragged on and eve started to feel alittle nervous,a cold chill snaking it's way down her back.
'am sorry too..' A finally spoke, 'i can not do this eve,not even for you'.
'what are you saying?' eve's voice was a croak.
'i can't have you throwing a jealous fit everytime i so much as exchange a polite word with a man eve',there was a finality in A's voice.
Eve made to speak but A broke in, 'i am not a lesbian eve,i am bisexual,hell i don't even know if i am that,all i know is that i have this profound attraction to you'.
'i know you are not a lesbian A',eve was almost pleading.
'do you?' A's smile was sad. They stood there in silence,it was only broken by the sound of the boiling kettle sounding almost eerie.
'am sorry,'A said again,very softly. Just then there was a knock at the door,
'it's open' she shouted and in walked a tall,dark,handsome man.
'hey mala,this is my friend eve'A said too cheerfully.
Eve walked out a little while later,the air was so chilly,she pulled her jacket tight around herwaist and kicking an empty can of coke breathed in deeply.