Married life

How is married life?

lesbian married life
Love,light and laughter
This is a question I have been answering a lot since October 20th 2012.

A sense of shared destiny.

The idea that we are doing this together ( I will stay with you - John Legend )

The fact that we are a family that is recognised and respected under the law is just too awesome.

What I love about being married.

The best thing about married life for me – and this is why it is a crime against humanity to deny gay people marriage - is going to sleep and waking up next to and with Toni. In fact I find it impossible to sleep when she’s not in bed with me.

I also love to shout out to her when in the bathroom and out of soap, tissue or towel and she will deliver, this is probably one of the best aspects of married life.
I suppose it can also be seen as a metaphor…

I love the fact that Toni will give me my vitamins and whatever other concoction she makes me take in the mornings – she’s good with medication so I don’t really keep up. I love that when I am sick, I will wait for her to figure out which meds I should take and when – she probably doesn’t enjoy this part as much as I do.

I love that she knows to turn down the volume of the TV when the adverts come on, as it drives me crazy for some reason; it’s just awesome sharing a life with someone who knows you that way.

But the most awesome part about being married is always having a date, my days of attacking life solo are so not missed, Coming home to a human woman that I know, love and trust makes life much much easier to take on.

Oh I love shopping with my wife, she enjoys it better than I do but if I’m going shopping then it should be with her, especially grocery shopping. While she gets fruit, I look for drinks, as she stands at one queue I hunt around for a shorter one, etc. Together the shopping experience becomes easier, for me anyway.

I could probably go on and on and still not feel like I am getting the message across properly, but to put it simply, I love having someone to walk through life with and must say that I chose an awesome human woman for it.

We live in an age of knowledge yet exist in the world very basically and instinctually - the same way that a cave person in the middle ages would I presume have existed in the world, with great caution and fear of the unknown.
Throughout the history of the world, groups of people have used whatever weapons at their disposal – religious, tribal, cultural, traditional, racial, sexual – you name it, to marginalise and limit the rights of other sometimes smaller but mostly less powerful/equipped/able groups.
At this point in human evolution, you’d think that it would be clear to everyone by now that the oppressed will rise. I think homophobes have a few years of grace left before the world tilts on it’s axis for them, because the best thing about knowledge is that it is power, liberation and emancipation and one can only keep their head in the sand for so long.