Another Day

Eve had secured a date for the pending picnic and was looking forward to the whole experience with a nervousness the heights of which she'd never reached before,it was someone she wasn't that acquainted with but they'd agreed to kinda go together or hang around eachother when they got there since they both didn't have partners and were not feeling the idea of attacking solo.
In the meantime,she was supposed to meet A at her place,yes! Finally it had happened and she was so excited she cd hardly sit still,her whole body was tingling,she cdn't erase images of kissing this woman from her mind,she wanted to dip her fingers in her pussy and get lost in there,all this was in her head of course,such erotic images with a someone she'd never even met left her wet and mad almsot all day,this wasn't going to do,and to make matters worse,the woman was straight!,she had it bad and it was scaring her shitless.


Yet Another day

There was another inbox for eve from nto the next day,she wanted to know where eve was from and asked how come her name sounded different,eve hadn't heard from A for two days now and wasn't in the best of moods so she ignored nto's message,complaining grumpily to herself about how she hated it when people asked her stupid questions,what was so different about her that everyone had to ask? There were so many people called eve for heaven's sake and this person chose to say something that stupid to her?
Anyway,she'd just ignore and not waste her anger over a stranger,there was a lesbian picnic thing happening and she thought perhaps if she went she might be lucky and catch some fish,she really needed to get laid and soon,this life of a nun existence she was living wasn't much fun and she wasn't planning on making it a life path.
She clicked yes on the lesbian picnic invite and felt the excitement assurge her,perhaps her celibate days were going to be over sooner than later,she hoped it wd be very soon!


And another

Eve saw that there was a new inbox for her and tried to stop the mounting excitment at the thought that it was from A,she tried as hard to stop the twinge of disappointment when she found that it wasn't,it was someone called Nto,it only said 'hey there,thanx for the mathematics',she felt some irritation but answered with a perfunctory,welcome aboard,don't be a stranger and almost immediately forgot about it as soon as it was sent.
She needed a life,it's like she lived online,there wasn't much excitment going on in her offline life,that was the problem,she reasoned herself,yea,whatever,she thought angrily,i know all that smartass,but wtf am i to do about it,everything in her life was sooo boring,she basically had no friends,her family didn't understand her,her job bored her,fat chance of an offline life.
She needed atleast a hobby,other than the internet ofcourse,but what??
What cd she do that cd be fun,perhaps she'd make some friends along the way as well,that she didn't bet on though,it was worth a thought,she laughed bitterly,try making friends at age 27,if you didn't have childhood friends by then,you had to forget about it.
Ok then,no use mourning about it,she thought,how about a lover,she cdn't even remember how kissing felt like anymore.It was quite sad really.


And yet another Day

Eve read some postings from a dude on A's page,he was thanking her for loving him? He didn't mean it like just a friend neither so she was alittle upset, yes they were not dating or anything but flirting with a girl that was flirting with a dude or having a thing with a dude was so not her game,she cdn't imagine going where a dude had been,that was just wrong.
Not only did they not wash their hands after using the loo,they played around too and she wasn't going to dip her fingers in dick infested pussy,no way jose`!
She just wished she didn't like A so much,it wd make things so much either but she cdn't go a minute without thinking about her,how was she supposed to just forget about her??,damn,she knew how to get herself into these spots,now how was she getting out of this one unscathed?.
She read the flirtatious note from A with mounting annoyance,why cdn't these straight girls stick to their men and leave a sister the hell alone??


A Day

Eve,this is the name of the heroin of the story,get acquainted,you two might become bestfriends,or lovers or both.
Eve finished off the message she was writing to A,the chic that was giving her palpitations lately and sent it,already impatient for the reply.
A and eve hadn't met yet but the chemistry they shared was something else,they stayed awake through most of the night just chatting,the problem with A,she was not really lesbian,just finding herself,eve knew too well to stay away from the type but it wasn't as easy as that,trouble was A had to go and be so damned likeable.
Eve was just riding this wave for now,no need to get all worked up,flirting was her speciality,she was enjoying it,that's what was important and she wasn't going to let reason get in the way of that.
She got back to work,antcipating A's reply,hmmmm.

A day

I like to read about lesbians,probably because am one,there isn't much information out there catering to the curvier orientation,but also because i believe lesbians are hot,like i said,it's probably because am one.
How about we have some fun together then? You could learn something new,which isn't always such a bad thing.
Note that the character's in this tale are all fictitious so any resemblance to any real life persons would be merely coincidental.
This material is not for highly sensitive individuals and hence the above mentioned are highly advised to stir clear.