A Day

Eve,this is the name of the heroin of the story,get acquainted,you two might become bestfriends,or lovers or both.
Eve finished off the message she was writing to A,the chic that was giving her palpitations lately and sent it,already impatient for the reply.
A and eve hadn't met yet but the chemistry they shared was something else,they stayed awake through most of the night just chatting,the problem with A,she was not really lesbian,just finding herself,eve knew too well to stay away from the type but it wasn't as easy as that,trouble was A had to go and be so damned likeable.
Eve was just riding this wave for now,no need to get all worked up,flirting was her speciality,she was enjoying it,that's what was important and she wasn't going to let reason get in the way of that.
She got back to work,antcipating A's reply,hmmmm.
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