Yet Another day

There was another inbox for eve from nto the next day,she wanted to know where eve was from and asked how come her name sounded different,eve hadn't heard from A for two days now and wasn't in the best of moods so she ignored nto's message,complaining grumpily to herself about how she hated it when people asked her stupid questions,what was so different about her that everyone had to ask? There were so many people called eve for heaven's sake and this person chose to say something that stupid to her?
Anyway,she'd just ignore and not waste her anger over a stranger,there was a lesbian picnic thing happening and she thought perhaps if she went she might be lucky and catch some fish,she really needed to get laid and soon,this life of a nun existence she was living wasn't much fun and she wasn't planning on making it a life path.
She clicked yes on the lesbian picnic invite and felt the excitement assurge her,perhaps her celibate days were going to be over sooner than later,she hoped it wd be very soon!
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