And yet another Day

Eve read some postings from a dude on A's page,he was thanking her for loving him? He didn't mean it like just a friend neither so she was alittle upset, yes they were not dating or anything but flirting with a girl that was flirting with a dude or having a thing with a dude was so not her game,she cdn't imagine going where a dude had been,that was just wrong.
Not only did they not wash their hands after using the loo,they played around too and she wasn't going to dip her fingers in dick infested pussy,no way jose`!
She just wished she didn't like A so much,it wd make things so much either but she cdn't go a minute without thinking about her,how was she supposed to just forget about her??,damn,she knew how to get herself into these spots,now how was she getting out of this one unscathed?.
She read the flirtatious note from A with mounting annoyance,why cdn't these straight girls stick to their men and leave a sister the hell alone??
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