the birds and the birds II

‘which one do you prefer, me using a toy on you or you using it on me? ’dana asked eve as she absentmindedly got into her pyjamas.

They were still psyching up for the trip to the adult shop.

‘I think I rather use it on you’, eve said her brows knotted in thought

‘but to be fair, I suppose it has to be 50-50, you?’.

‘yea, I feel the same way,’ dana was done and sitting on the edge of the bed now.

Eve quickly typed lesbian sex toys into the lappy and dana crouched closer.

‘which one do you think we should get?’ she asked when the page opened, ‘damn so many to choose from!’

‘how about this g-spot vibrator, kinda shaped like a tap?’ eve said giggling, ‘think we could reach interesting places with this?’

‘how about these tongue and finger vibrators, you have such tiny hands-we could use one of these,’ eve said laughing and dana grabbed a pillow and aimed for her playfully, my hands are very adequate, thanks a lot! Plus they are way longer than yours’.

‘you wish, the tongue thing might come in handy too, my jaw is in danger of cracking’.

‘watch it!’ dana threatened ‘or you won’t be getting any ever’.

‘oooooh, look at this bondage kit’, eve continued.

‘wana add alittle kink to our kinky?’

‘all this sex talk is getting me worked up’, dana said, reaching to get the laptop from eve’s hands.

‘just a minute babes, look at this’.

‘what is that?’, dana asked, looking closely.

‘it says here anal toys’, eve answered.

‘looks like a string of beads to me, wonder how that works’.

‘beats me, ever tried anal sex?’, eve teased.

Dana wrinkled her nose, ‘ewww, baby that’s disgusting!’

‘it actually isn’t’, eve said softly.

‘you tried it???’dana’s tone was disbelieving.

Eve just giggled and logged off.

‘come on, tell me’ ,dana insisted.

’how about I show you?’ eve dead panned.

‘oh hell no, that part is entirely out of bounds!’

‘you don’t know what you are missing’, eve shrugged.

‘and I definitely won’t find out any time soon’, dana said indignantly, getting into bed.

‘come on now, live alittle’, eve tried as she put the laptop away and went to switch the light off.

‘huh-uh’, dana was unconvinced as she reached for her partner.


A day in a lesbian's life: the birds and the birds ;)

A day in a lesbian's life: the birds and the birds ;)

the birds and the birds ;)

how do you feel about sex toys?’

It was a Monday night, lu and her girlfriend taz were over at dana’s place.

The girls were bundled on the worn out couch as eve sat on a cushion between dana’s legs.

They were all watching the 5th season of the l word that lu having ordered from look and listen a week back was now proudly in possession of.

They’d decided to make a night of it since Mondays were ever so dull.

Eve had made popcorn, which she let everyone know was as good as or even better than machine made.

Lu and taz had brought over upsized milkshakes, chocolate for both dana and eve and strawberry for them.

Eve popped a handful of popcorn in her mouth and sucked on her milkshake ,’mmmmh, salt and sugar go so well together, and the taste of chocolate on the popcorn is too awesome’

‘taz, I believe sex toys should be used’, dana finally got in.

‘I think they are gross, feels like there is a man in my bed’, lu said, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

‘it doesn’t have to be, I think it’s more about understanding your anatomy and what works best for it. the way I see it, it’s more like having your cake and eating it too, like why limit yourself when you can have so much more?’

‘yea, baby we need to go shopping soon ,’dana said, ruffling eve’s locks

‘they don’t have to be penis shaped lu,’ eve added ‘ I believe there are all shapes and sizes, designed to give pleasure rather than imitate straight love making, you just choose what works best for you’.

‘you seem very well educated on the subject eve,’ taz said and they all giggled.

Eve threw popcorn at her ‘, I just like to do my home work well ‘,eve said in her defense.

‘Can we tag along when y’all go shopping?’ lu asked, still giggling.

‘uh-huh, our sex life is private, you’ll have to brave the adult shops alone’, dana said and eve kissed her knee.

‘tell them my love’.

Live At The Troubadour [CD / DVD Combo]


A day in a lesbian's life: goofing around

A day in a lesbian's life: goofing around

goofing around

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite, 3G Works Globally - Latest Generation‘So how long have you two been together?’ eve asked dana’s friend lu who was there with her girlfriend-they seemed joined at the hip.

‘about two years now, very long for a lesbian relationship yea?’ they both laughed at that and eve turned the meat, they were having a braai with a couple of friends-eve’s house mate-angel and her boyfriend, angel’s friend and his boyfriend and dana’s friend(who was also her ex) and her girlfriend, as always eve took care of the braaing, which she absolutely loved to do.

angel’s boyfriend-james, who was in ear shoot asked what they meant by ,”very long for a lesbian relationship”, and the two women laughed harder.

They were all at the pool side and dana was doing flips in the water with lu’s girlfriend while calling out for eve to leave the meat to the men and join her.

‘come now guys, what do you mean?’, james insisted.

‘lesbian relationships don’t seem to go easily past the one year mark james,’ eve explained poking at a puffed wors.

James looked very surprised’, but id assume that with two women together, commitment wouldn’t be an issue-I mean, they are always bullying it out of us men’

‘that assumption would be very ill advised,’ eve stopped turning the meat long enough to answer’ ‘ contrary to popular belief, women are not commitment freaks, well not the lesbian ones anyway, if our relationships are to be considered’.

‘you guys have to be kidding me,’ james said, looking even more confused.

Eve just handed him the fork she was using to turn the meat and intending to show off a little, did a perfect dive into the pool’s deep end, only causing bubbles to form in her wake, swimming under, she grabbed dana’s legs-unsteadying her and causing her to shriek and hold on to her head for dear life.

They stumbled about, laughing, shrieking and spraying water everywhere.

Lu’s girlfriend later joined them all with a ball and they threw it around, forming teams of two,every now and then, one of them filled their glasses with the cheap red wine and passed around more beers for those that inclined.

When they all later gathered around to eat the meat, dana-who was by now quite tipsy as was most everyone else-kept licking the juice off eve’s fingers seductively and causing the guys to ogle, james brought up the topic once again.

‘so how can you guys tell me lesbian relationships don’t last forever?’ at that, angel dug her elbow into his ribs and told him not to be rude or she wouldn’t let him out of his cage again.

She got laughs from everyone.

‘ouch!, what?, am just interested, I know am going to sound dumb but isn’t that why women become lesbian-Cause guys won’t commit?’

‘I suppose it has something to do with all the challenges we face from society and that typa thing’ lu said seriously

‘it’s for the sex’, dana joked, now licking eve’s jaw.

Everyone oohed and aahhed leaving james none the wiser.

‘I think it’s cause women are simply too hot to resist, too much temptation-personally, I just want one to sleep with every night for a long long time’, eve finally took james out of his misery, earning herself brownie points from dana, who now kissed her very long and deep getting cheers from everyone.
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A day in a lesbian's life: TAKING IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL

A day in a lesbian's life: TAKING IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL


The man looked at the two women infront of him over his spectacles, he had a very studious face, deep set blue eyes behind the thick rimmed glasses, he adjusted them for the third time since they’d been in and asked very carefully if they wanted to do the test together or one after the other.

They exchanged glances and chose the latter.

‘Since we are doing this at a pharmacy, there won’t be a very long winded counseling, if either of you feels that there perhaps is need for concern as regards to the end result, I advise that you rather do it at a clinic where a nurse or doctor can give you more counseling’, at that he looked from one to the other, seeming to have recited those very words countless times before.

‘no, we are ok with this option, thank you’, dana spoke for the two of them, they had discussed it at home and had had a little counseling session of their own led by eve.

They both felt ready for any results.

‘ok’, he said, getting up from behind the counter , ‘right this way please’, and lead the way into a little make shift room separated from the rest of the pharmacy by light blue curtains.

‘Who is first?’, he asked tonelessly, snapping on a pair of disposable latex gloves,’ the other can wait outside by the bench’ eve silently left the little room.

‘when was the last time you went for an hiv test?’, eve had asked dana as they lay spooning in bed the night before.

‘I think it’s been about four months now, you?’

‘I last went a few months back too…wanna go test together?’ she asked as moving dana’s locks she kissed her nape softly.

Dana then turned around and they lay facing each other, she reached out her hand and palmed eve’s cheek ‘id love that…a lot’.

‘I can’t wait to go all the way with you, make love without holding back, feel your pussy against mine’ eve said shyly.

‘Me too, am glad we have been very cautious so far though… did I ever tell you how extremely hot I think you are?’ dana asked teasingly

‘ummm, a coupla times, but I don’t mind hearing you say it again’, eve said biting her lower lip invitingly.

‘you are hot’ dana said and kissed her nose, ‘you are so hot’, she said again, kissing her left eyebrow, ‘you are so hot you are scorching’, the last words were muffled as she found eve’s lips.

Dana now sat on the bench outside the blue curtained makeshift room and looked at the little red line on the tester, one single line meant negative- she turned it this way and that way, caressing the edges gently, the little red line looking so appealingly lonesome.

How positive a negative result felt, she thought

Eve was inside having her test done.

Eve walked out a while later and they exchanged a look that said that everything was alright, they stepped into each other’s arms and held on so tightly, feeling the overwhelming relief that always comes with the knowledge that one is free of the virus, like being given a second chance.


A day in a lesbian's life: a new beginning

A day in a lesbian's life: a new beginning

A day in a lesbian's life: a new beginning

A day in a lesbian's life: a new beginning

a new beginning

‘When did you first realise you liked girls?’ Dana lazily played with eve’s locks, raking her fingers through them and gently untangling the tangled growth, her face was soft and serene as she gazed lovingly at her girlfriend.

Eve lay her head on dana’s lap as her one leg dangled on the floor and the other hang up on the couch, her housemate had gone off with her friends and left the two lovebirds some space.

‘hmmm, let me see.., does playing house with my friend at 6 count?, because boy did we get down to a hell of a lot of mischief’, they both chuckled.

‘you did that too?, gosh, how very naughty we got- I remember this one time me and my cousin sat giggling on the living room sofa as my mom busied herself in the kitchen, I can’t remember who initiated the whole thing, must have been my cousin, she is still the naughtier one even now, but soon she was on top of me as we rubbed against each other..’

‘oh my god, with your mom in the kitchen?, you two had no shame, weren’t you scared of getting caught?’ eve interrupted dana’s tale disbelievingly.

‘argg, you know how kids are, we were probably not thinking any further than the pleasure or adventure of the rub, oh and I think we had a throw around us but all the same, am sure one could easily tell what we were up to if they’d walked in on us, and my mom did, you can imagine the spanking we got’, both women were now laughing so hard.

‘my cousin did not come to my place as often after that, nor me to hers,’ dana finished her story to find eve watching her,

‘what?’, she said self consciously

‘you laugh so wonderfully, the sound is quite intense’, eve said, caressing dana’s cheek.

‘that’s such cheese, but I love cheese, cheese is good’, dana tried to make light of it but eve wasn’t having any of it.

‘it’s only true, it’s beautiful when you laugh’, she reached up and kissed the corner of dana’s mouth lightly.

Just then fire is low by freshly ground started to play and eve jumped up,’ I love this song’, she proclaimed.

‘ohk’, dana replied cautiously.

Eve laughed out loud at dana’s expression, ‘you are going to dance with me’, and dana started to shake her head,

‘but how do we dance to that?’, she tried

Eve took hold of her hand and pulled her up, she led dana’s arms around her waist and put her own around her partner’s neck.

‘just follow my lead,’ she said softly as she nibbled on dana’s ear.

Dana squealed but started to move unsurely to eve’s lead, they rubbed their noses lightly against each other,

‘you have a cold nose,’ dana said against eve’s lips and then kissed her.

‘I think I was about 16,crushed on this friend of mine in a major way, didn’t do much about it though, I guess I was way too chicken to tell her’, eve’s forehead rested on dana, they moved slowly to the music, now stutter by the parlortones played.

‘I love this song’, dana said smiling,’ I think it is my favorite by them’.

They playfully did a twirl, eve swirling dana around the room as they laughed.

‘I think I was at versity, yea yea, I was one of those really late bloomers’, dana said rolling her eyes when they once again stood moving calmly.

‘she was one of those popular girls, tom leaning mostly towards butch, always with her ‘boys’, dang I had it bad for that girl, she was so fine and for a whole semester she didn’t even notice I existed!!’, dana paused to kiss eve’s jaw lightly, smiling into her face.

‘then one day at the library, we both reached for the same book and got chatting, the rest as the say is history, it was like something out of a soppy romance- so intense, for me anyway,’

‘ so what happened?, what prevented a happily ever after?’ eve asked with excitement.

‘oh, she had a girlfriend, I later found out, guess I should have known, she was way too cool- broke my heart in so many pieces after three perfect months’

‘ahh, you poor thing, come here’, eve enveloped her in a huge hug ,rubbing her back in slow motion, up and down. Dana simply late herself be held, much as she had been over the whole thing way back then, it felt good getting eve’s sympathy.