the birds and the birds II

‘which one do you prefer, me using a toy on you or you using it on me? ’dana asked eve as she absentmindedly got into her pyjamas.

They were still psyching up for the trip to the adult shop.

‘I think I rather use it on you’, eve said her brows knotted in thought

‘but to be fair, I suppose it has to be 50-50, you?’.

‘yea, I feel the same way,’ dana was done and sitting on the edge of the bed now.

Eve quickly typed lesbian sex toys into the lappy and dana crouched closer.

‘which one do you think we should get?’ she asked when the page opened, ‘damn so many to choose from!’

‘how about this g-spot vibrator, kinda shaped like a tap?’ eve said giggling, ‘think we could reach interesting places with this?’

‘how about these tongue and finger vibrators, you have such tiny hands-we could use one of these,’ eve said laughing and dana grabbed a pillow and aimed for her playfully, my hands are very adequate, thanks a lot! Plus they are way longer than yours’.

‘you wish, the tongue thing might come in handy too, my jaw is in danger of cracking’.

‘watch it!’ dana threatened ‘or you won’t be getting any ever’.

‘oooooh, look at this bondage kit’, eve continued.

‘wana add alittle kink to our kinky?’

‘all this sex talk is getting me worked up’, dana said, reaching to get the laptop from eve’s hands.

‘just a minute babes, look at this’.

‘what is that?’, dana asked, looking closely.

‘it says here anal toys’, eve answered.

‘looks like a string of beads to me, wonder how that works’.

‘beats me, ever tried anal sex?’, eve teased.

Dana wrinkled her nose, ‘ewww, baby that’s disgusting!’

‘it actually isn’t’, eve said softly.

‘you tried it???’dana’s tone was disbelieving.

Eve just giggled and logged off.

‘come on, tell me’ ,dana insisted.

’how about I show you?’ eve dead panned.

‘oh hell no, that part is entirely out of bounds!’

‘you don’t know what you are missing’, eve shrugged.

‘and I definitely won’t find out any time soon’, dana said indignantly, getting into bed.

‘come on now, live alittle’, eve tried as she put the laptop away and went to switch the light off.

‘huh-uh’, dana was unconvinced as she reached for her partner.

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