the birds and the birds ;)

how do you feel about sex toys?’

It was a Monday night, lu and her girlfriend taz were over at dana’s place.

The girls were bundled on the worn out couch as eve sat on a cushion between dana’s legs.

They were all watching the 5th season of the l word that lu having ordered from look and listen a week back was now proudly in possession of.

They’d decided to make a night of it since Mondays were ever so dull.

Eve had made popcorn, which she let everyone know was as good as or even better than machine made.

Lu and taz had brought over upsized milkshakes, chocolate for both dana and eve and strawberry for them.

Eve popped a handful of popcorn in her mouth and sucked on her milkshake ,’mmmmh, salt and sugar go so well together, and the taste of chocolate on the popcorn is too awesome’

‘taz, I believe sex toys should be used’, dana finally got in.

‘I think they are gross, feels like there is a man in my bed’, lu said, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

‘it doesn’t have to be, I think it’s more about understanding your anatomy and what works best for it. the way I see it, it’s more like having your cake and eating it too, like why limit yourself when you can have so much more?’

‘yea, baby we need to go shopping soon ,’dana said, ruffling eve’s locks

‘they don’t have to be penis shaped lu,’ eve added ‘ I believe there are all shapes and sizes, designed to give pleasure rather than imitate straight love making, you just choose what works best for you’.

‘you seem very well educated on the subject eve,’ taz said and they all giggled.

Eve threw popcorn at her ‘, I just like to do my home work well ‘,eve said in her defense.

‘Can we tag along when y’all go shopping?’ lu asked, still giggling.

‘uh-huh, our sex life is private, you’ll have to brave the adult shops alone’, dana said and eve kissed her knee.

‘tell them my love’.

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