a new beginning

‘When did you first realise you liked girls?’ Dana lazily played with eve’s locks, raking her fingers through them and gently untangling the tangled growth, her face was soft and serene as she gazed lovingly at her girlfriend.

Eve lay her head on dana’s lap as her one leg dangled on the floor and the other hang up on the couch, her housemate had gone off with her friends and left the two lovebirds some space.

‘hmmm, let me see.., does playing house with my friend at 6 count?, because boy did we get down to a hell of a lot of mischief’, they both chuckled.

‘you did that too?, gosh, how very naughty we got- I remember this one time me and my cousin sat giggling on the living room sofa as my mom busied herself in the kitchen, I can’t remember who initiated the whole thing, must have been my cousin, she is still the naughtier one even now, but soon she was on top of me as we rubbed against each other..’

‘oh my god, with your mom in the kitchen?, you two had no shame, weren’t you scared of getting caught?’ eve interrupted dana’s tale disbelievingly.

‘argg, you know how kids are, we were probably not thinking any further than the pleasure or adventure of the rub, oh and I think we had a throw around us but all the same, am sure one could easily tell what we were up to if they’d walked in on us, and my mom did, you can imagine the spanking we got’, both women were now laughing so hard.

‘my cousin did not come to my place as often after that, nor me to hers,’ dana finished her story to find eve watching her,

‘what?’, she said self consciously

‘you laugh so wonderfully, the sound is quite intense’, eve said, caressing dana’s cheek.

‘that’s such cheese, but I love cheese, cheese is good’, dana tried to make light of it but eve wasn’t having any of it.

‘it’s only true, it’s beautiful when you laugh’, she reached up and kissed the corner of dana’s mouth lightly.

Just then fire is low by freshly ground started to play and eve jumped up,’ I love this song’, she proclaimed.

‘ohk’, dana replied cautiously.

Eve laughed out loud at dana’s expression, ‘you are going to dance with me’, and dana started to shake her head,

‘but how do we dance to that?’, she tried

Eve took hold of her hand and pulled her up, she led dana’s arms around her waist and put her own around her partner’s neck.

‘just follow my lead,’ she said softly as she nibbled on dana’s ear.

Dana squealed but started to move unsurely to eve’s lead, they rubbed their noses lightly against each other,

‘you have a cold nose,’ dana said against eve’s lips and then kissed her.

‘I think I was about 16,crushed on this friend of mine in a major way, didn’t do much about it though, I guess I was way too chicken to tell her’, eve’s forehead rested on dana, they moved slowly to the music, now stutter by the parlortones played.

‘I love this song’, dana said smiling,’ I think it is my favorite by them’.

They playfully did a twirl, eve swirling dana around the room as they laughed.

‘I think I was at versity, yea yea, I was one of those really late bloomers’, dana said rolling her eyes when they once again stood moving calmly.

‘she was one of those popular girls, tom leaning mostly towards butch, always with her ‘boys’, dang I had it bad for that girl, she was so fine and for a whole semester she didn’t even notice I existed!!’, dana paused to kiss eve’s jaw lightly, smiling into her face.

‘then one day at the library, we both reached for the same book and got chatting, the rest as the say is history, it was like something out of a soppy romance- so intense, for me anyway,’

‘ so what happened?, what prevented a happily ever after?’ eve asked with excitement.

‘oh, she had a girlfriend, I later found out, guess I should have known, she was way too cool- broke my heart in so many pieces after three perfect months’

‘ahh, you poor thing, come here’, eve enveloped her in a huge hug ,rubbing her back in slow motion, up and down. Dana simply late herself be held, much as she had been over the whole thing way back then, it felt good getting eve’s sympathy.

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