That night

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Eve knocked tentatively at A's door and stepped away. She had come straight from work without calling first and hoped A was home. She impatiently tapped a pump on the tile and looked into the distance after another knock. Far off a crane lifted something off the ground and a car hooted loudly. Finally she heard the sound of footsteps coming towards the door and her heart beat doubled. She suddenly missed A so much and couldn't wait to see her gorgeous smile again,what a fool she had been.
'hey' A stood there,looking so soft and beautiful.
'hey', eve held out a box of guylian belgians,may i come in?'.
A left the door open and walked back inside,'thanx for the chocolates',she said over her shoulder.
'cool'.Eve placed her bag on the chair and joined A in the kitchenette.
'want something to drink?',A asked,busying herself with the kettle at the sink,she filled it and plugged it in.
'no thanx',eve said rubbing her hands nervously along her jeans,
'am sorry', her voice was almost a whisper.
A turned around and they stood there looking at eachother.
'my behaviour was maniacal and am sorry'.eve finished more loudly and ran her fingers roughly through her hair.
The silence from A dragged on and eve started to feel alittle nervous,a cold chill snaking it's way down her back.
'am sorry too..' A finally spoke, 'i can not do this eve,not even for you'.
'what are you saying?' eve's voice was a croak.
'i can't have you throwing a jealous fit everytime i so much as exchange a polite word with a man eve',there was a finality in A's voice.
Eve made to speak but A broke in, 'i am not a lesbian eve,i am bisexual,hell i don't even know if i am that,all i know is that i have this profound attraction to you'.
'i know you are not a lesbian A',eve was almost pleading.
'do you?' A's smile was sad. They stood there in silence,it was only broken by the sound of the boiling kettle sounding almost eerie.
'am sorry,'A said again,very softly. Just then there was a knock at the door,
'it's open' she shouted and in walked a tall,dark,handsome man.
'hey mala,this is my friend eve'A said too cheerfully.
Eve walked out a little while later,the air was so chilly,she pulled her jacket tight around herwaist and kicking an empty can of coke breathed in deeply.
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