A day.

Eve couldn't concentrate on work today,no matter how hard she tried.
She fought the urge to pick up the phone and call A, literally pulling her hand back.

She had left yesterday in anger, as soon as they had walked through the door,neither willing to break the silence.

Eve had thrown a tantrum when as she looked up from an intent inspection of a pair of ankle length boots,she sought A out only to find her flirting with some guy.

A looked back and smiled,oblivious to eve's jealousy and got confused when eve just put the boots back carefully and walked out,ending their much anticipated day of shopping that had only just begun.

A had followed,wanting to know what was going on,but on reaching eve,she had been interupted mid-word but a hissed,'are you coming or would you rather go home with him?'

They hadn't exchanged another word on their way to A's place afterthat,eve feeling abit silly but not willing to analyse why,she wasn't going to justify her unreasonable jealousy,'if she felt it she felt it and that was that',she thought,setting her mouth sturbornly and for the rest of the drive determinedly looking out of her window.
A kept sighing and throwing her miserable looks that she pretended not to notice but was very aware of.

She had thrown her things in her overnight bag and left a confused A even more confused when she walked out with an angry ,'good day'.

A hadn't replied,which would have been useless anyway since eve had closed the door on her words.

Much as eve felt she was pushing the whole jealousy thing abit too far,she still felt unable to call and apologise,knowing that perhaps she had been waiting for that very moment all this time,when A would exchange any form of communication that bordered on civil with any man, for her to pass Her sentence.
She sighed miserably and tried to go back to work unsuccessfully,putting the phone call off once more.
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