A day

This day wasn't going very well for eve,not at all. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed,whoever first said that must have had one exactly similar to this.

She'd woken up with the mother of colds coming on, her throat was so scratchy she cd have sworn she had sand for dinner last night.
Which led her to wasting time in bed feeling sorry for herself and being late for work,the traffic was a nightmare! And why was it that when you needed them to be the dumbasses everyone knew and loved,taxi drivers got all law abiding on you??

She cd hardly contain her anger when the taxi stopped at yet another orange light,she gritted her teeth and forced back an insult,what was wrong with this man? Hadn't he attended the same rude,careless and madness classes that all taxi drivers attend?!,to make matters worse,the man next to her was giving her lecherous looks she didn't care very much for,and that thigh he kept rubbing against hers was totally uncalled for!.

It had been with an angry creased forehead that she had rushed into work to find her boss waiting impatiently,
'Right,How much more worse cd a morning get?' she thought and trugded in,she was soon to find out.

Apparently a client had come complaining about her homosexuality-saying she never wanted to be attended to by 'one of those ppl again'

She wanted to tell her boss to tell the client what to do with her middle finger but checked herself just in time..it was obviously going to be along day,she thought miserably..
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