A day

There were 2 new inboxes for eve that morning,she excitedly went straight to read them before she even made her morning cup of coffee,the one from nto she glanced over quickly,not really interested,nto was on about she liked eve's pictures and she wanted to get to know her coz eve sounded very interesting from her profile. Eve remembered she hadn't even looked at nto's profile and wrote a distracted reply saying thanx and she'd love that too,she made a mental note to look at nto's profile later.
She opened A's inbox with shaky fingers, and read it with mounting excitement and the biggest of silly grins on her face,a collegeau said something about what was she reading that was making her smile that broadly and she just shrugged,too dazed to answer.
A had liked being with her too! Was all she kept thinking,it was written right there,in the inbox,she hadn't wanted it to end and she regretted not having asked for another hug,she cdn't stop thinking about her,she wrote wow!,the inbox went on and on and all that she read was music to her ears,or rather eyes.
She knew A was dangerous territory,being straight and all but just cdn't help herself,that girl was fine! And what was there to worry about,they were just having some fun,right?.
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