The day after

Eve kept playing the scene at A's place yesterday and wanting to kick herself,she hadn't even given her a peck on the cheek,let alone the passionate kiss she'd been thinking about all day!
What a nerd,she berated herself angrily,maybe she was better off in a nunnery,at the rate she was going,she'd never get to kiss a girl again,let alone get laid,she rolled her eyes at herself mockingly.
She'd got there and A had opened the door after a coupla knocks,
They had just stood there looking at eachother till eve thrust the bunch of flowers she held into A's arms,making the hug that they exchanged after that very awkward,they had both smiled shyly and laughed at how nervous they were but the moment was lost and they had had to enter the house where A had busied herself with arranging the flowers into a vase and eve looked through some of her cd collections.
Now that she'd seen her,she was even more smitten,they had talked and talked and talked till the 3 hours they'd spent together only seemed like 30minutes when eve had to get back home before it got dark,winter days were so much shorter.
They were to meet again on saturday for a movie and coffee,this was wednesday,eve thought she'd lose her mind before saturday got here,she cdn't stop thinking about saturday,maybe then she wdn't be so stupid,
When she'd gotten up to go,she'd seen the disappointment in A's eyes but was just to chicken to reach out and kiss her,so they'd only hugged tightly,both clinging on longer and she'd left,feeling like she wd faint anytime before she got home and lay down.
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