'this tastes almost as good as you look',dana said,giving eve a long slow look as she licked the bar one chocolate milkshake off her lips.
They were sitted in a booth at panarotti's.

'you are too sweet',eve smiled shyly.

'am just stating a fact,you look ravishing....-am glad you made it,it was such short notice...'

'a good thing i had the day off,i wanted to see you today too,talk..'eve felt her stomach twist,she didn't like being the bearer of bad news.

'yes,me too..i feel we need to clear up afew things, like the chemistry i feel we share..'

'i know.. That's what i wanted to talk about', she nervously pushed her hair away from her eyes,
'i ummm, she is called A' eve blurted out, '.. it just came on and kinda hit me when i wasn't looking, i think am inlove with her...'
she trailed off uncomfortably and stole a peek at dana's face.

Dana reached a hand out and held eve's hand, ' it's ok, am glad you told me.. I do believe you led me on just a little bit back there though?'.

Eve smiled embarrased,' i know, and am so sorry, you are a great person and you deserved better treatment..i was just so confused'.

'it's ok, wrong timing..i was just a nick too late,' dana smiled self mockingly and rolled her eyed,they both laughed.

they looked at eachother for a very long minute,each thinking there own thoughts.

'we can be friends though right?', dana asked, unsure.

'of course, i didn't want to push it,i'd like that alot, thank you for being so understanding..'.eve squeezed dana's hand gently and let it go.

'which teams are playing today..,want to watch alittle soccer with me today friend?,' dana put into the silence that followed and they went on to discuss the soccer...

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