A dinner with friends

'you look great babe,now let's go please' eve was getting impatient with dana taking too long. They were to have dinner and drinks with bleh and hina and she didn't get why dana felt the need to change outfits several times.
'i just feel like looking glam tonight angel,stop rushing me,it's not helping'.
'fine...i'll just sit here and try not to carry you out of the house naked'.
'... Have you met hina before?' she shouted from the bedroom.
'we only had drinks awhile back,was with a friend and they came over...'
'what kinda person is she?'
'hmmm,you'll have to figure that one out yourself,i can't really say'
'you are hopeless...'she said,now out she leant her hand against the door panel and waited for eve to take it all in.
'wow...i have to say,the waiting was worth it,you look beautiful...' eve said feeling alittle mushy at how much she loved this woman.
'thank you..' dana blushed
She had finally decided on a short black dress that curved perfectly to her body and black pumps,it was so simple yet so stunning.
'i should be lucky to bring you back home tonight' she said jokingly.
'you are silly', dana Smiled shyly.

The evening went very well,they ate at a sushi place called fish and more and washed it all down with a light pinotage, which they drink later into the evening.
Everyone was charmed by hina,who seemed to be very taken with dana - a fact that didn't win her any points from eve or bleh for that matter, but they all brushed it off good naturedly and made light of the constant looks she kept throwing her way.

When the evening drew to a close,bleh did find herself enroute to hina's place,which was much closer than hers anyway.
What they felt for eachother was still very puzzling,they simply flowed with the fact that talking to eachother was very pleasant and they enjoyed eachother's sense of humour immensely.
Plus,bleh couldn't help but wonder how hina's lips tasted like,nor hina if bleh was as sensual as she gave off.
They hardly talked about spending the night together,it simply happened and their only part in destiny was letting it.
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