opposites attract.

The more bleh and hina got to know eachother,the more they realised how totally different they were.
Where bleh loved blue,hina thought orange was bright and beautiful,
If hina thought commitment was essential,bleh thought it was a waste of time and life was too short to surely spend on just one individual.

Still,they enjoyed eachother's dry humour and cynicism,wit and intelligence,they could talk about any subject comfortably and informatively.

What was so similar about the two, and they probably didnot realise was their need for love even when they fought so hard to keep it at arms length,their inability to get to the heart of the matter,even when they could talk about nothing in particular all day intelligently.
They had both mastered the art of distance,the science of nonchalance.

Eve lay in bed and watched dana get ready,she didn't start work until next week.
She loved to see her do her morning rituals,from the bathroom - naked,doing her ironing.
In her underwear,tidying her hair,it always turned her on.
When dana was finally done,having a few minutes on her hands,she thought she might make something to eat,eve sat up and stretched,the sheets fell off,revealing her perfect small breats,she looked so touseled and cute.
She got out languidly and naked,made it to the kitchenette and wrapped her arms around dana from the back,
'you smell so good' she said,licking her neck.
'thanx baby..' dana gave alittle moan.
Eve started to rub her breasts outside her shirt,
'mmh-uh babe...' dana wasn't convincing.
Eve slide an arm under the shirt and cupped a bra-ed breast.
'baby...' dana tried again as threw her head back with pleasure.
A few minutes later,dana's clothes were nicely placed on a chair and they made love quickly.
'you are bad for me,am going to be late!'
'Shhhh' was all eve said.
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