trouble looms.

'we need to talk' nto whined from the other side of the phone.
eve rolled her eyes and sighed inaudibly,obviously nto wasn't letting things go so easy.
'talk about what nto?' eve didn't want to give off her frustration.
'about us...'
'there's no 'us' nto, you know that'.
'please don't say that eve...we were good together,i know you felt it too'.

Eve felt a wave of panic creep up her spine,nto seemed set for a fight and eve didn't possess the energy.
She wished she could sleep and wake up to find that she'd been dreaming.
'i thought we both understood...'
'understood what eve? How is one supposed to understand when their heart is on the line?'
Nto was now sounding squeaky with panic and an uncomfortable naunce of psychosis.
'where do you want to meet?' there was obviously no way of getting out of this,she would meet nto and make it very clear, eve's resolve was evident in the set of her jaw as her thoughts roamed frantically.

'i knew you'd see things my way,'nto sounded resolutely cheerful.
'come to my place friday evening,'she continued.
'can't we meet anywhere else?'
'are you scared of little 'ol me?,i don't bite you know,'What was meant to sound playful had menacing undertones.
Eve felt hopeless,
'ok,i'll be there,' she hang up soon after and felt trapped.
how had she let this happen,and what would happen if dana found out!
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