Severed ties

'we have to end this nto...'
They sat by the pond at the park,nto threw some bread crumbs to the little ducklings impatiently quacking at the edge of the pond and collected her thoughts quietly.
'why?' she finally asked,the panic she felt only slightly present in her voice.
'dana suspects...'Eve was feeling very uneasy,something told her this wasn't going to be as cut and dry as she had hoped.
'can't we just be more careful?' there was a plea in nto's voice and eve hoped that she wdn't beg,nothing was more pathetic than a jilted lover who begged.
She took a deep breath.
'no...we can't,i feel terrible as it is lying to dana this way,let's just both go back to our respective partners and close this chapter,ok?'
'it's not that simple eve',she said still looking at the pond,her gaze centered on a nonexistent object that she felt she needed to keep in her eye's view or she'd scream.
'what do you mean?' it was eve's turn to panic now,this had been a little fling and she'd hoped they both understood that,obviously someone hadn't gotten the memo.
'i am in love with you...i love you..i have fallen for you...,see how complicated it all becomes for me?' nto said in a gentle yet firm tone,'see how impossible it is for me to simply forget about THIS and close the chapter?' she continued,every word setting eve's heart a pace,All she could think was how did she get herself in this rut.
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