Eve felt a claustrophobic silence everywhere in the house now.
Hard to imagine such a small apartment being so loud with no words.
The bed stretched on for hours...four corners that went on for days,she didn't sleep in it anymore, she fell asleep infront of the tv, watching dana's favourite chef make a dish with mushrooms and chicken in it,silently. Kylie kwong sprinkled salt here and drizzled wine there, smiling so wide and happy.
Eve took another drag of the dry rose she hadn't bothered to pour in a glass and swallowed, sadness oozing in her action, she missed her...
She missed her breath, silence and presence. She missed the warmth of a beautiful body,her breasts soft and full, even with the seasons changing and bringing a chill along,they had slept partially covered.

She missed the meaningless words they shared.
'pass the salt'
'am making coffee,do you want some?'.
'gosh,did you see what the tsunami did to japan?, I think the world is ending babe'.
'oh come on,not for atleast another 1000 years, well if it does,i want it to end with you in my arms'.
her sweet laugh..'Oh,you charmer you'.

She missed the cuddles and kisses, the touches and hisses,in the night,watched when she woke up horny,she missed reaching out and igniting her, sleepily making silent love, moving with her softly,gently, wordlessly, till after the hunger left when they would both breath softer till they again fell asleep,in eachother's arms.

She had tried calling again today,for the entire week she tried calling everyday and still dana refused to talk to her,she sent endless messages that were deleted before they were read, about how much she couldn't stand the pain in her chest.
The noise and silence in her head, and the loneliness.
I miss you, she wrote several times a day and pressed the green button.
What more could she say.
Words seemed so meaningless with the silence that had invaded her existence.
She cried softly.
She hadn't cried over anybody in a while, never this much. Sloppily licking her tears, wiping the mucous from her nose on the spread.
And yet the silence never once eased...
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