All is well that ends well.

The Plan

All is well that ends well

The plan

And so eve set out to make a fool of herself, with her accomplice Bleh in toe,they wrote out a whole essay about being sorry with neon coloured ink, got hold of Eve's guitar that hadn't been tuned in a long while and off they went.

'This could get ugly you know' Eve warned omniously.
'All is fair in love and war is what they say', Bleh deadpanned.

The Journey

The ride to Dana's seemed almost too short, Eve's heart was now beating a tattoo in her chest, Bleh on the other hand seemed to be enjoying herself, they set up camp on the little lawn in front of dana's little flat and got ready for action.

Bleh held out the big pieces of paper while Eve fiddled about with her guitar trying to get in tune, all was finally set and the charade ready to begin.

The Fool

Eve started singing.
In just a few seconds, most of the lights in the entire building came on and heads started to peek out.
'I'm sorry dana...' she shouted off key.
'i know I don't deserve a second chance...'
'but I don't want to live without you,even if I can...'
'Dana please forgive me'.


Dana's head was the last one to peek out, the look on her face wasn't very encouraging however.
'i'm sorry...' eve said looking straight at her, the guitar now forgotten.
'i love you'.
Dana's head left the window and a few minutes after, she appeared at the front gate.
'i..am...sorry...that's all I can say'. Eve had tears flowing freely out of her eyes now.
Dana whipped her face gently.
'it's ok baby... Now stop singing please, you are embarrassing me'.
Bleh guffawed,' you are on point dana, if I was while,i'd be red by now'.
They kissed softly and hugged for hours, both knowing that the road ahead was going to be very shaky.
Their audience, unaware of all that, clapped excitedly.
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