taking the blame

’what do I do wrong?’ eve typed rapidly.
‘I don’t want to read that kinda talk’, bleh threw back.
‘it must be me, it can’t be everyone else…’ she stuck in her self pity.
‘you just haven’t met the right one’, bleh tried to be patient with her.
‘I wanted dana to be the right one’, she wrote pouting, knowing she was being childish
‘lol, you can’t force these things love, it either is or it isn’t’, bleh had to shake her head, eve could be so sturborn.
‘well am tired of always falling for the wrong ones, ok!, I want a fairytale ending before am too old to enjoy it’, she shifted angrily onto her side, the tv droned on.
‘relax, the experience will come in handy when you finally meet the right one-you’ll know’ bleh could understand eve’s frustration, she had been there too many times before she met wifey, constant dead ends had almost led her to a playgirl lifestyle until wifey came in like a beam of light and rescued her, she knew eve would meet someone right too but these things took time.
‘so what happened this time?’
Eve took a deep breath and shifted onto her other side on the couch.
‘I’d most definitely tell you if I knew!’.
‘what is that supposed to mean?’
‘it means I don’t know, I thought we were doing ok, apparently that wasn’t the case..’
‘so you two are over?’ bleh was confused.
‘ it so happens that I don’t know the answer to that one either!’, eve felt so much resentment towards dana for complicating her life this way.
‘trust you to get yourself into a rut like that…’bleh couldn’t help but tease.
‘eish, I don’t know how I do it friend, but am damn good at it’, they both chuckled at that, trying to lighten the conversation
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