bitter sweet

'It's open' eve shouted from the bathroom at dana's insistent knocking.
'in here...'when she heard dana's footsteps in the mini kitchen, 'lock the
door after you yea?'
'ok..'dana said, only loud enough for no one in particular.
she pushed the door open and leaned her head against the frame.
Eve lay in the tab with a bottle of wine,the candle light bathed her in a golden haze.dana's breathe caught, how beautiful eve looked in that instant.

Mozart's flute concerto played insistently on the stereo by the sink,eve had chosen it for dramatic effect.

She took a swig on the bottle and silently watched dana,feeling the excitement start to build in her vagina.
Dana slowly took her clothes off,no words were necessary at this point.
She slide into the bath tab after,away from eve and they simply looked at eachother.
Gently they began to touch,wispy light touches,dana got on her knees and taking the soap rubbed it onto eve's breasts,down to her stomach and onto her thighs.
Eve gazed up at her,thinking nothing,she just decided to feel and breath so softly.
They kissed,so gently,both nervous and shaky until it intensified and they practically ate at eachother's lips,moaning as if in pain.
When their fingers alternately found each others now very wet and warm vaginas,it only took alittle while before both cuming loudly,they collapsed into eachother's arms.

'Am sorry..'dana said,tears in her voice.
'i know..'
The concerto came to a delicate finish.
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