hopeful rays

Eve saw dana's incoming call as she slowly pushed the trolley through the store,she was in the mood for a nice steak,some salad and a huge bottle of wine to wash it all down and keep running even when her throat was clean.
She had a nice calm evening planned,soft music,some candles,soak in the bath for awhile and later eat,she hoped angel wasn't going to show,she needed some alone time.

She thought of not answering,thinking that she didn't need anything spoiling her mood.

The call ended and she soon recieved a message from the service provider telling her she had missed a call from baby and baby wd like her to call her back..she laughed a dry angry laugh,she missed more than just a call from baby and no,she wdn't call her back.
She picked a big bottle of four cousins,sweet rose and got some chocolate too.

The phone rang again,she let it ring for a while before pressing answer,she only put it against her ear and didn't say a word.

'hey..' dana's voice was thin.
'hey..' eve said clearing her throat.
'can i see you?' she said softly.
..tonight..' she continued uncertainly.
'i don't think tonight is a good idea' eve said firmly.
Eve felt her heart ache at the misery in dana's voice.
she breathed deeply,'what time?'
'8:30-ish,if that's ok..'
'thank you'
Eve dropped the line,wondering what was up next.
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