Boiling over

Eve lay alone in bed for the third night that week, dana had finally come out with it.

'you ok?' eve had asked as taz was busy cracking them up with tales of an impossible client at work.
Everyone had seemed to enjoy themselves except her,

'am ok..,just alittle tired', she replied as eve gently rubbed her back, lu threw them a puzzled look and quickly looked away.
'i got some massage oils the other day,perhaps later...',she left the sentence hanging and smiled.
'i would love that..' dana smiled back softly and eve felt her heart falter.

it had been that later when as eve sat astride dana's back,engrossed in giving pleasure and releasing tension that dana give a very long sigh and popped the bubble.
'i need some space..' it was so soft that she'd had to repeat it.
Eve had gotten so wet rubbing her back, looking forward to some soft love making but she got off her without a word and sat hugging her knees.
'am i crowding you?' she said after along silence.
' as cliche as it sounds eve,it's not you..'
she reached out to touch her hand and eve drew away.
'call me when you are ready to do this'.
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