Guilty rendez-vous

They met at a bar in ghandi square,eve suggested it,although she could never remember what it was called for the life of her.
They sat at a wooden bench,eve sipped on a gin and tonic and nto had a heineken,there was smoke from the braai afew feet away but it mostly blew in the opposite direction from them-driven by the wind,house music played loudly from the numerous speakers.
They talked.
First shy,eyes not meeting,smiles uncertain,slight.
Later-much bolder..from religion and mind control,they moved to milk shakes and ice cream flavours,and then love,that they both felt for their partners.
Two hours were over too soon,they both still nursed their drinks,it was five in the evening.
Eve had declined dana's request to spend the saturday afternoon together,siting exhaustion as her excuse.

Later as they sat In eve's 1974 vw beetle,nto expressed how cool it was,she'd always wanted one of them.
Eve said it was her pride and joy.
For the rest of the drive back to eve's,they didn't talk much,she drummed her fingers against the steering every time they stopped at a traffic light,nto looked outside,taking such an interest in the buildings flying by.

When they got to eve's,she politely asked if nto wanted anything to drink or eat,nto simply walked over to her,pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply,in seconds,clothes were flying off their bodies every which way.
They made love,for most of the evening and later into the night.
None brought up the subject of their respective partners,somethings were better left unsaid.
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