pandora's box ajar.

Nto left the next morning,the night before hadn't been discussed at all.

As she got ready,they talked about the mandane,made coffee,made breakfast,eve whipped up scrambled eggs and they had it with slightly burnt toast,later,they took off nto's t-shirt and then her jeans and made love on the one sofa in the room.
Tasting the breakfast on eachother's lips,and then tasting cunt and later,the two tastes merging.

They had to make an effort not to do it all day.
Eve drove Nto back to her place,the old reliable beetle spurting fumes in the easy sunday traffic.

Much Later after eve had cleaned up and rid the flat of any evidence of the night before,dana came over,if she noticed eve's pensive mood,not much was let on.

Eve didn't know how it was all going to pun out,but for the mean time,she wasn't going to rock any boats.
she was prepared to wait this one out.
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