Awakened demons

For eve the dynamics of their relationships had changed irrevocably. She could not give as freely as before and found herself pushing the bile of resentment down,forcefully willing it away without much success.
She had presumed them to be on the same footing and been proved wrong and was very wary now.

Nto had made a reappearance,she felt inclined to insure her heart and feelings somewhat.
The chats they had shared in the wine stained nights had kept her sane after dana left and now they continued to chat as frequently.

Nto had a girlfriend too but theirs was a very complicated affair,the complexities of their respective relationships found these two now strongly drawn to eachother.

The suggestion to meet had been nto's.
Thrown into an afternoon chat impulsively,it left them both tingly with excitement.
much as neither hinted at it,they both knew that there was much more that lay in store that nothing could stop from happening.

The meeting was scheduled for saturday,that friday night neither caught a wink.
Eve was surprised at how little remorse she experienced at the beckoning adventure,on the contrary,she found it brought her such pleasure.
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