first i love you's

‘I love you’, eve said matter-of-factly , they stood side by side doing dishes at the sink.
Dana dried as eve washed.
‘I love you’, she repeated when dana only looked at her dumbfounded, she did not turn to look at her.
‘funny how one never notices when it begins, when the slight ache in one’s chest commences..kinda like a sickness- only a nice one’ eve continued softly as dana stood their quietly as if transfixed.
‘ I love it when you laugh or just smile- how your eyes light up when you are excited or when they glaze with passion…’
‘I just thought I should tell you’, she finished her narrative and handed her partner a dripping plate.
‘dana ignored and instead said grinning,’ can you say that again?’
‘say what again?’ eve was puzzled, thinking which part might not have been coherent.
‘everything..it sounded so beautiful, I want to hear all of it again’.
Eve scratched her head comically, ‘I wouldn’t know where to begin, I was mostly just mumbling foolishly’.
‘please..’ dana begged, maneuvering her way into eve’s front, she then wrapped her arms around her neck.
‘ummmm, let me see..i love you…I don’t think I can remember the rest’. She teased
‘don’t sweat it, that was my favorite part’, dana said kissing her forehead.
‘you are easy to please’ eve pulled her close.
‘I think it’s your fault, you are too cute’.
The dishes were forgotten.
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